Do not adjust your screens! That IS a frying pan you see before you.

It arrived sometime in September, on the same day as my weekly Grazia magazine subscription, a letter from EDF (reminding me to upgrade to their smart meters) and a new luxury skincare product worth over £60.

Fast forward to present day.

The EDF letter is now buried somewhere under a pile of post (standard, innit) whilst Grazia has been added to a growing stack of unopened, unread magazine subscriptions.

The caviar infused face mask is gathering dust by my bedside.

Like many busy mums, I’ve struggled recently to find the ‘me-time’ to use it.

Once I’ve taken off my make-up, read the same line of the same book – that’s also gathering dust by my bedside – I’m ‘snoring my face off’. (Mr Husband’s words. Not mine because I. don’t .snore. ever!)

But as for the Epsom-boy-done-good-Joe-Wicks-who-went-to-my-primary-school-frying-pan?

It’s frickin’ amazing and has been used nearly every other day since September! True story!

When it was sent as a gift from Debenhams – part of their The Body Coach, Joe Wicks range in store now – I thought it’d make a nice contender for the Christmas gift guide that I was cooking up for my blog (soz. Pun intended!)

“But who’d want a frying pan for Crimbo?” I pondered. It’s hardly sexy stuff, innit?

Which then made me muse on presents I’ve poo poo’d in the past – which had as much glamour as the knickers I insist on keeping for when I’m on the blob (C’mon! We all do this, right?)

Take my Singer Steam Press as an example. It’s an ugly beast of equipment and was a Christmas gift from my in-laws a couple of years ago.


In an ideal world, I’d love for everything to be ironed – and this monster makes the job so much easier!

I think my PB has been to whip through a stack of bed sheets, pillow cases and school-uniform-shizz in just one episode of Grace & Frankie! (That’s 30 minutes for all you non-viewers. It’s on Netflix. Go watch. So funny!)

Then, there’s the cordless V7 Total Clean Dyson. Best 16 minutes of frenzy on full turbo and it’s loads prettier to look at compared to the iron press!

But still, hardly a sexy gift, innit – unless you’re doing weird shit with yours! Ha!

Nah, seriously, the Dyson is a total game changer in our household of four humans plus a high maintenance white Persian Chinchilla cat.

In fact, I should be earning commissioning on it considering how many people I’ve convinced to buy it – they’ve never looked back and we all wang on proudly about its merits like a right bunch of saddos!

So you see, my point is although these gifts might not look as pretty as a bright yellow, leather Smythson notebook, if you’re anything like me, while the latter are truly beautiful, truth be told, I hardly end up using them!

Instead, I admire them and save them for best; for when I find a really nice fountain pen or something purposeful to write in it – what that is exactly, I have no idea!

I’ve stacked up about five of these luxury notepads now. Love them all, dearly. Adored receiving each and every one of them. But honestly, I’ve used one so far.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Practical doesn’t always mean perfect.

I’ve been gifted at Christmas a Brita Water Filter Jug and a knife sharpener – both from Mr Husband (and while I don’t think the latter was a metaphor for anything) in his defence, your honour, he did also buy me ‘pretty’ gifts, too.

Which is where I think the balance lies.

And if you’re reading this Mr Husband, before you think it’s OK to buy me a slow cooker this Christmas (I do actually want one and we will end up using it loads!) don’t forget I’ll always appreciate a pretty present, too…

I just might not use it as much as the slow cooker.

Gawd, how I’ve changed, innit!?

What about you?

How do you stand when it comes to receiving practical vs pretty gifts? Which do you prefer and why? Scroll down to comment, I’d love to know what you think.

Ooh! Talking of pretty gifts, I’ve added another gift guide on here, too.

I know that price is a real issue for many, so I’ve capped everything under £50.

Click here to browse 50 gifts for under £50

Happy hinting – I mean shopping! *wink

Right. I’m off to write my bestselling book in my Smythson now! *Who am I kidding? Takes the frying pan out of the dishwasher and deliberates on what to cook for dinner…

Thanks for reading



  • Great Christmas edit!! Ha ha I must admit I lv a practical pressie Like a new diary for focusing on the new year ahead, not sure a frying pan would be my ideal gift of choice but it’s the thought that counts…..
    I may just drop Santa a letter to make sure Ha ha Happy Christmas xx

    • Hahaha! Love this!!! I never thought I’d prefer a pan to a candle – as much as I love a candle, the practical pan wins! I have CHANGED, Jenna hahahaha!

      FT xoxo

  • You know what FT? I couldn’t agree more! And by the way when we first moved to the U.S buying the Dyson was a highlight. We were pretty broke so I had to wait to buy it but when I did it WAS literally like Christmas! Honestly anything that gives me back time is a gift in my eyes.

    • Yup! I love that way of looking at it – time is so precious, so I’m with you on anything that does the job quicker 😉

      FT xx

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