Hi, I’m Fatima Truscott

For nearly two decades I’ve worked across various newspapers and magazines as a Fashion & Beauty Editor. From interviewing Katy Perry in Berlin, writing skin care advice for teenage girls (I won a journalism award for this *proud face) to styling countless shoots in Miami (no industry award, but always a stonking tan!) I am SO thankful that for over 17 years, this has been my beloved career.

Nowadays, I freelance, mainly to fit work around a very busy family life. I’m married to a firefighter and we have two children, plus a Persian Chinchilla cat.

It was my more flexible working arrangement that initially invited the idea of a new challenge, one that I’ll be the first to admit filled me with equal quantities of dread as well as determination. You see, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a blog for a while now. For a bit, the main hurdle was a lack of time plus the feeling that after so long in print journalism, I’d be moving onto the ‘digital darkside’…

However, my more recent procrastination has been down to one single thing – a crushing lack of self- confidence.

How could I possibly contribute to a party that’s already in full swing with an array of amazing, positive personalities that are saying things, wearing things, talking about things far better than I ever could? I felt jaded and anxious and as this nagging negativity buried itself deeper, I’d simply park the blog idea, pour a large glass of Malbec and hit Sky Box sets. HARD. (Mainly Sons of Anarchy with a bit of Nashville to take the edge off.)

But then one day, after much of the same mumblings and musings, I thought, “Sod it!”  We’ve all got something unique to say and offer, right?

And so, The FT Times was born…

It’s finally here. Welcome! Come on in. Let’s play!

Remember, this is MY fashion, MY style, MY loves and MY words.

Yes, I do love lots of stylish things but honestly and truly, I am NOT a slave to it. I like to shop the high street, I ADORE a bargain and I am definitely drawn to the different. With only a sprinkling of over-priced designer bags and shoes, I’ll scrub up for photos to show you how awesome something can look, but please be reassured, I’m a newbie 40-year-old Mama, writing this late on a Friday night, wearing the most miss-matched-PJ-combination while sipping Baileys from one of those plastic Ikea kids tumblers because it’s the ONLY clean cup I could find!

Real life IS messy and rest assured, mine really is no different.

So let’s do this!

Thank you for reading (I do love to ramble!)

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