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This year, for some reason or other, I’ve seemed to have left it to the very last minute so when Amazon got in touch about their dedicated Back To School store (there’s an age-filter too which makes things soooo much easier!) I was so relieved to avoid the usual chaotic shop and also because, truth be told, this time of year is also quite an emotional one for us parents, right? So, ANYTHING to make things a little bit easier, innit!

With my First Born about to start Year 13 (his last EVER school year, *sob) for the Second Born, it’s her last year of primary *eek!

Over the years, we’ve worked out what’s actually NEEDED for the Back to School shop (it’s very easy to over shop – and overspend!) so it was great to let both kids browse and see what they needed.

All the necessities were purchased and no furry, oversized, distracting pencil case in sight!

Plus, our schools do prefer certain types of things; pens (for cursive writing) and equipment (Year 6 need a geometry set) plus while the teens’ online usage shows no bounds of slowing down, ensuring that everyone has EXACTLY the right stuff to kick off the new school year, makes me feel like the kids are READY!

Although us parents might be feeling a little less so (crying emoji) I swear it only feels like yesterday that both mine were starting Reception!

How are you getting on with your Back To School shop? 

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