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I mean. Of course, in my humble opinion because the thing with running trainers, is that one size does not fit all.

Whether you’re training for a 2k or 26.2 miles, the question I get asked a lot (other than am I mad running the London marathon again, a year later) is what running trainers I recommend.

Up until recently, I used to be a loyal Brooks Levitate wearer and when my local Runners Need in Kingston got in contact to get my gait analysis reassessed (an absolute NECESSITY if you’re going to take up running, regardless of distance) I thought I’d be walking back to the car park with another, box-fresh pair of Brooks but in the newer season style.

Wall of trainers at Runners Need, Kingston

But with so many amazing running trainers now on the market, I pretty much tried them all on (Brooks, ON, Asics, New Balance, Adidas…) just to see what was new, plus I am a running wanker, after all, innit!  

And then, I tried on a pair of Hoka’s! I’d never heard of them before, have you?

Not only SUPER light and comfy but perfect for a neutral runner like me who also tends to heel strike quite hard (all of this info is deduced after running on a treadmill whilst being filmed, while the expert gait analysis advisor watches and is then able to help you with the best shoe fit).

Plus, I love the colour clash, reminds me of those banana foam sweets and bubblegum ice cream!

So, there you go. The best advice when it comes to trainers is not a brand or type or colour, it is to always get them expertly fitted first. It’s all free, just book your appointment online at a Runners Need near you as most importantly, you want to avoid injury (the wrong pair can do this!)

Get your gait analysis assessed for free at your local Runner Need. You get filmed while running on a treadmill and then your advisor can help you pick the right trainer for you depending on your running style.

And running trainers do not come cheap, so don’t waste your hard-earned wonga on something that is going to inhibit your performance and in turn make you hate pounding those pavements – you want a pair of runners that will make you feel like you’re farking flying! 

Trainers are Hoka One One Clifton 7 from Runners Need \ gifted PR product and review experience  

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