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AD/ Most of you know that I’m a running wanker but did you know that it’s NEVER really been about the physical benefits. 

The 1000+ calories I burn after a 9 miler (currently training for the London Marathon) get put straight back in (and more!) usually with my post-workout porridge with peanut butter PLUS a melted creme egg! 

What you see here is a real body; one that’s birthed two kids, is approaching 44 years and still can’t fit into post-lockdown jeans. I’m not toned, I have no six-pack, I am realistic about my wobbly bits and herein lies the reason why I love to run; it’s for the benefits that running does to the parts of me that you CANNOT see – my mind.

Which is why I am stoked to be working with Runners Need who have partnered with New Balance to create a Strava challenge during Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May.

The #RunForYou campaign makes me so proud – because I am SO passionate about running; not only through lockdown but over the past six years as a way of dealing with really dark days and personal trauma. 

It’s not easy talking about this stuff and believe me when I say that huge hurdles have been leaped to get to this point in my running journey and I can honestly say that, it’s taught me so much about my limits, my boundaries, my comfort zones; the areas of toxicity in my life that I need to address, humility, compassion and so much more than just what you may initially think of when you pass by a sweaty jogger in the park or on the pavement.

Running is not a fix all strategy and it does takes time to build up consistency, the motivation and the discipline but go at YOUR pace and run to YOUR beat and the benefits (that I often compare to therapy sessions) will begin to reveal themselves as you start to unpack stuff and get to know YOU and YOUR mind. Sounds so simple, right? They do say that a run can change your day and it’s true, you always feel better for getting out there but it also has the power to change your life, too.


Who’s with me? 

C’mon! Let’s. Run. Together!

#RunForYou #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

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  • You’re such an inspiration FT, thank you for sharing your passion for running. My husband Mark was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy the year before covid and it was devastating to us. Subsequently due to covid he has been in isolation for well over a year. Just us every single day eek…
    So when I say I didn’t think our marriage would survive, I’m not exaggerating.
    But guess what saved us? Yep running. Him not me ?
    Mark runs on a treadmill every day without fail. It keeps his heart healthy and his mind clear. That’s some powerful medicine considering the year we’ve had.
    Great to see a new post from you xx

    • AWWWW! Can you tell I am not in the swing of things with blogging again – honestly the techy side to it all stops me so much from getting content out there…anyways, thank you for your comment and so sorry to hear that Mark has this diagnosis! So glad he’s found a way to manage it all mentally and physically. It’s been a real test across the board, right? Big love to your all x x x

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