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Sweet dreams…

First things first. 2020 has been a shit show for many, so the fact that so many of us are feeling anxious, stressed and finding it hard to get a good nights sleep, is not surprising really.

However, The Rona aside, there could be lots of other reasons why we might be finding it hard it wind down and get those deep sleep cycles that are crucial for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

For me, hormones (I’m self-diagnosing perimenopause) and the lure of technology (mainly Instagram) are just a couple of factors that have recently started to really upset my much needed 8-hour-sleep-beast needs.

We all know how tempting it is to scroll on our mobiles, (turning the brightness down so as not to piss off partners) and there are times when I do make an effort to put my phone outside of the bedroom, so as not to be tempted but then thanks to the moon-cycle-and-my-menstrual-cycle (both affect my sleep patterns) I find that I can’t sleep at all unless I can resolve highly pressing issues like “How does one wake up from the Matrix when you don’t actually know you’re in it?” or if given the ultimatum of giving up Revels or Dairy Milk, what would I choose? GAH!

However, what I have found that does help, especially with the ‘winding down’ process, is a warm cup of herbal tea. I am so guilty of adulting HARD here because there was a time in my youth when I thought herbal tea (along with avocado to be fair) tasted like C.R.A.P. and to be exact, like warmed up body spray!

Not anymore! Nowadays, nothing beats a relaxing soak in the tub, followed by a comforting cuppa in bed; a good book and before you say it, I’ll save you the trouble because not only do I have my slippers and dressing gown waiting in the wings, I’ve outdone even my own future-retired-self, as I confess to being the proud owner of a silk hair turban and eye mask, too!


If you’re finding it hard to settle, Pukka Herbs have a Sleep With Ease initiative that encourages better slumber. For more info and ways to improve your bedtime routine, below is a great sleep diary for you to use plus you can find more info on Pukka’s Sleep with Ease campaign if you click here.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and well xx


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