Fatima Truscott London Marathon 2020

Why I’m running the London Marathon 2020

I mean, who even am I? With three half marathons under my belt my next running challenge is now the epic London Marathon!


I must be bat-shit-bonkers, innit? But it’s all true, folks. I haven’t just thrown you a click-bait title link here. Believe me, it is all so very, very, very REAL.

I found out that I had a place a few weeks ago.

I had entered the ballot (for the first time) but that wasn’t successful (is it ever?) however a good friend of mine Sara, kindly pointed me in the direction of a local Surrey non-profit for vulnerable children and young adults who had charity spaces going.

Long story short, I got a place!

And I have just set up my Just Giving page for the formidable charity, Eikon.

Please click their link to read all about the incredible things they do for kids that are on the brink of crisis.

I couldn’t be more proud to run for not only a charity that looks after the mental health and welfare of the most vulnerable in our county but also, as a parent, it breaks me to think that there are children close-by that just aren’t getting that support, care and love that we shower on our own two kids.


I’ll be blogging my progress on here and over on my Instagram.

Expect lots of running wank from now until April 2020!

Plus I’ll be volunteering for Eikon too, so will update you on that also.

The link is here to donate. Please give what you can.

I honestly appreciate your support and any donation you can give.

Thank you so, so much.


FT xx


  • Go FT!!!!
    I love you for doing this mate. Finding something that gives you what you need emotionally, physically and psychologically with the added bonus of helping kids ? What’s not to love?
    I’m so proud of you xxx

  • Hey there. So impressed with your grit and passion to take on this epic challenge. Eikon sounds like a wonderful organization and well worth all your efforts (not to mention blood, sweat and tears). Good luck with your training. Look forward to all your progress reports, not to mention anything else you post. You go, Gurl!

    • Thank you SO much for donating! I am so, so appreciative of your support, it really does mean so much. Thank you, thank you xxx

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