Just as we’re forever reminded to not judge a book by its cover, I guess the same could be said when it comes to clothing labels and brands.

Case in point today is JD Williams

My initial issue is that they’re marketed as a brand for midlife women, but if like me you are 40+ with a ‘wear-what-the-fark-you-like-whatever-your-age’ attitude, then it may initially come across as a bit fuddy and somewhat archaic to suggest that there’s an age-appropriateness or age ‘dress-code’ when it comes to style.

I only believe that you should wear what YOU feel comfy and happy in. Full stop.

So when JD Williams got in touch to collaborate, asking if I’d like to select anything from their collection, deep down, I was already trying to figure out a way to politely decline (as I do with other brands that approach me if I feel that they’re not on brand with my blog) but I had a quick scan online – just to check!

Now, as a stylist, I guess I’m used to finding and sourcing pieces in the most unlikely places, so one of my best tips, is to always have a look and try things on.

And I’m so glad I did!

For those of you that have followed me for a while either on here or over on my Instagram, you’ll know that I’m pretty frickin’ honest about stuff. 

I’m a shit liar and I cannot feign disappointment. This blog has always been about me telling you how it is, innit?!

I know what I like and HONESTLY, I did not think things were gonna work out between JD Williams and me…but surprisingly, they DID!

Wanna know what I selected?

First things, first; any good stylist will tell you, accessories are KEY!

Leopard is officially a neutral these days. It seems to go with everything and gives even a very basic look a certain ‘edge’.

I LOVE the subtle use of leopard print detail  on these mules.

They’re a walkable height and anything that doesn’t require bending down to put on or lace up is a winner in my books! (Plus JD Williams offer really good shoe sizing options, too. Something I wasn’t actually aware of).

As for the earrings, they maybe a bit trashy but as a Leo,  I was so drawn to these Versace-esque studs.

When teamed with super casual styling (denim, cotton, greys) you’ll be able to nail that ‘hi-lo’ look.

Then, there was this coral linen-mix dress.

First thing that caught my eye was the colour.

A terracota-coral shade which is so wearable and gives skin (whatever your tone) a real glow.

Plus it’s a midi! I LOVE a midi. I just think it’s a super flattering length.

And what’s more, the bardot neckline gives it a really feminine, continental feel…

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about ‘popping’ out – it’s got one of those concealed buttons, too (a genius design coup that JD Williams have in all their buttoned tops and dresses) so no unexpected and embarrassing moments where you realise the entire train/meeting room/restaurant have seen your baps or bra!

Only downside to this dress – it needs BLOODY POCKETS! 

I layered this dress over jeans – another one of my favourite style tips. It just means that you’re not saving up summer dresses for sunny days (that never come!)

Dress £35 JD Williams | Jeans Tu at Sainsbury (old season) | Heels Raid London (old season) | Basket TK Maxx (old season) | Sunglasses Ray-Ban

You will definitely get 100% more wear out of your frocks if you layer them over palazzo pants, straight cut jeans or even culottes.

Finally, I picked what I’d call a classic item.

A black, traditional swimsuit.

Slightly retro in style with the sweetheart neckline it’s not only a super flattering fit but a black cossie is a bit like a LBD – it’ll always come in handy whether you’re being whisked away for a surprise spa day (dream on!) or it’s your turn to do Saturday swim lessons (more likely!).

Black Classic Swimsuit | £32

So. What do you think of the pieces I selected?

Can you believe it’s JD?

I am honestly super impressed. While there are a lot of things that are not to my personal style, it definitely goes to show, just like judging a book, it’s always worth having a little look…

What other clothing brands have surprised you of late?



  • Absolutely agree with you about JDW FT! I was also surprised by how much I like the brand. Your dress is perfect for you although I can’t wear a strapless bra so it’s not for me but that’s the only reason. Love the cozzie, that I would wear all summer.

    • Thanks MT. I’ve also seen that Catherine is a fan, too. I was really surprised but am so chuffed to have found somewhere new. Just need a spa treat for the cossie 😉

      FT xx

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