As a general rule, I never say ‘never’. So, this is really quite a statement coming from me! As a fashun bod, being constantly drawn to the new and trialling lots of different trends has become part of my DNA. Innit?!

However, of late, I’ve noticed something has shifted… I’ve become more stylishly settled when it comes to certain things –  jewellery being one of them. 

Hang on! Let’s not get too hasty here, OK?

I’m not saying I’m done with dipping in and out of different jewellery trends.

I’ve always been a total magpie to the shiny stuff.

From THAT Tiffany necklace and bracelet back in my mid-20s to collecting Links of London charms for my sweetie bracelet in my early 30s.

While I’ve never really got into the whole Pandora thing, I love Monica Vinader and dream of being able to afford the antique charms of Annina Vogel. *salivates here

These mega brands all play a big part in the trends that eventually filter down to the high street and while I’m definitely not saying that I’m never going to dabble with the next-big-tassle-earring-trend, it’s just that there are a few pieces that I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop wearing…

You know when you feel naked when you don’t have it on? THAT!

When jewellery tells a story, it totally transcends from being a stylish, shiny object, into something quite sacred and symbolic.

Regardless of its monetary worth, what it represents, re-tells and serves to remind us, is where its real magic and value lies.

To the wearer, it is, of course priceless. And in many cases, irreplaceable.

Starting with the most obvious – my wedding jewellery – (and because I’m preeeeetty sure there are no plans just yet to get divorced, ha!) here’s a quick run down of why these signature pieces have more meaning behind the metal.

Fav’ mug, fav’ bit of bling!

Of course my wedding band is special, but if I had to choose, it’d be my engagement ring that I love the most, purely because I didn’t pick it, had no say in it at all – yet it was EVERYTHING I’d ever wanted in an engagement ring.

Unbeknown to me, Mr Husband’s dear mum had saved it from a family collection for when/if the time came for her only son to get hitched – a.k.a owning a jet washer and living with a lot of cushions!

Over 100 years old, this heirloom has become one of, if not the most beautiful pieces of jewellery that I own.

The look of terror on Mr Husband’s face when he told me that his mum had just the ‘perfect ring’ (her words) for the official proposal was hilarious in hindsight.

Knowing all too well that there was only a veeeerrrry slim chance that someone as picky as me, would actually love it, was risky. He was scared, AF!

‘Cause, I’m one of those people that can’t fake disappointment!

And on this occasion, I totally didn’t need to. My mother-in-law ROCKS! (Literally, ha!)

Shine bright like a diamond. I love my Maria Tash tragus piercing. 

For my 40th, I got my second favourite bit of bling – this time from my besties who bought me my Maria Tash tragus piercing and diamond stud from Liberty, London.

It’s beauty is in its simplicity, so even if I wear massive f*ck-off earrings, the stud still manages to hold its own.

It was either a nose stud or a tragus piercing for my 4.0.

And I’m so glad I went for the latter, although I did road test the former by wearing one of my 8yo’s Frozen stick-on earrings as a nose stud for a morning. Just to see…

The results… Olaf- nil,  Tragus – 1

These two LLLoves bracelets were also kindly personalised with my children’s initials.

The jezebel-gypsy-spirit in me will always be attracted to the story-telling talisman-trinkets of a charm bracelet.

These two were kindly gifted from LL Loves and the reason why I selected St Christopher and the Hamsa Hand of Fatima is this…

When I was born, my Mum was (and still is) Catholic while my Dad was Muslim (he did later convert but I still think to this day, he had no particular allegiance to either faith, only in human kindness and a perhaps a quiet life, ha!)

Love can conquer any boundaries. My parents and their families are testament to this.

They chose love. Simples.

And even though I hated my name as a child, once I understood that it’s the only female name that bridges both religions (Fatima was Mohammed’s daughter plus it’s a place of pilgrimage in Portugal where Our Lady appeared) I soon came to realise the importance of respecting and representing our diversity.

Check out more SVP styles – all adjustable – here

Along with my ubiquitous gypsy soul, I’ve noticed a spiritual shift in me that seems to become more heightened than ever.

And because of this, I’m finding a lot of fascination in alternative therapies. From meditation, crystal healing, moonology (using the moon cycles to influence your everyday) and mediums.

Learning to understand and channel my energies is something that I am becoming quite passionate about.

This ring is by SVP. It was designed by my former Fashion Editor boss (a great mentor and friend) plus it also shares the same name as my daughter, Evangeline.

Created from 18ct gold vermeil and set with the most beautiful Blue Sunstone (for power and protection) I couldn’t punch in my credit card details quick enough to buy this ring.

I wear it most days and love how it makes me feel ( I know that must make me sound ga-ga!) and am mesmerised every time I stare into it -it looks like a vortex to a million, twinkling, stars. (I am NOT drunk!)


I left this one ’til last as it’s the most hardest to talk about…

Some people have assumed that I wear ‘Daddy’ and Mr Husband wears ‘Mummy’. 


I mean if you thought I was cuckoo, what fucking planet do they come from?! 

When people see it for the first time – I clock their reaction. It’s a mix-bag. I can see it on their faces.


A loss for words.

A familiar knowing nod.

I’ve decided that we are shit when it comes to talking about death, innit! And I’m no exception.

I find that young kids are the best. They just ask, outright. “Why does it say Daddy on your necklace?”

To which I reply, “Because I belong to the Dead Dad’s Club and this is my little reminder of how much we love each other still, even though he’s not around like he used to be.”

My Dad’s sudden death had a monumental impact on my life. Some days, I put on the necklace and it feels light, other days, it’s so heavy.

Whatever its weight, I have to accept.

My necklace ritual helps me identify how I’m feeling and I use that information to help serve me. Sometimes it’s a celebration of sunny memories other times it can be the debilitating disbelief that I’ll never see him again. 

It’ll be five years this year, yet it can still feel like only last week that I  asked him to feed the cat or pick me up at the train station after a long day at work. 

It’s tough. Not going to lie. I think the important thing is to respect how each person deals with grief – this necklace – being one of mine.

Thank you for reading.

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Until then

FT x


  • This is a wonderful piece Fatima. So much warmth, depth and of course it’s you we’re talking about so naturally, style.
    You special jewellery is incredibly precious, I completely understand why you never take it off. I have diamond earrings I feel the same about. My friends and family clubbed together for my 30th to buy them for me. I didn’t take them off for exactly 18 years. I remember the day I switched them for the blog awards when a pair of stunning statement earrings was required. Borrowed from The Sequinist, my date for the evening, worn with my new Rixo dress bought specially. That was the night Not Dressed as Lamb won!
    Funnily enough I’ve not had the same obsession with wearing them constantly since then. Although of course I still utterly adore those diamonds?

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