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As a self-employed fashun freelancer, I wear a lot of hats! Not literally, I’m actually not a hat-fan, to be honest (fine hair + egg shaped-head problems) but as an analogy, it’s well-fitting. Pardon the pun.

No longer PAYE, working across one print magazine or newspaper, as a freelance creative, it’s now entirely down to me to source my portfolio of clients who want me to style a photoshoot (see my recent advertising work below for make-up brand, Collection that’s in Boots and Superdrug).

Photography: Claire Harrison

Or it might be that I contribute content to a certain publication (I’ve just landed a great gig as Style & Beauty Editor for Parentfolk magazine!)

Plus I write and pitch regularly to various titles and in between all of that, I blog here as a way of releasing all my creative energies and ideas. Have I told you that I’m also a FINALIST (WTAF!) in the Lifestyle category for the UK Blog Awards 2019!

Thank you so much if you took the time to vote for me. I’ll find out in April. EEEK!

Of course, I also wear my mama hat and wifey hat, too and all the rest – friend, daughter, sister, cousin, godmother, neighbour, face painter etc – but today, I am here to tell you something that I’ve been keeping under wraps and cooking for a wee while now…

I’ve bought another hat!

Yup. You guessed it. Not literally, but I have exciting news to drop.

I started collaborating with the INSPIRING Sunita from Lucky Things last year with some style and confidence workshops, where in front of an audience (with a mic!) we’d discuss ways to look, feel and be fabulous.

L-R: Team ‘My Style Triangle’ Fatima and Sunita

Regardless of income, lifestyle or body shape – we discovered a way of making sense of how we feel and how we dress on a more deeper level than just discussing trends, colours or celebs we ‘aspire’ to be…

I’ve blogged about the sold out events so just click here to read more.

So, without further ado – and before I completely wet myself – it is with excitement that I’d love to announce on here, details for the first official, My Style Triangle event for 2019.

I’d can’t wait to chat (I lurve to chat!) meet you IRL, get to know you and see if our framework for self-care and style is something that could empower you in a way that is different to the dialogue that you may already be familiar with (tired of, perhaps) when it comes to talking about fashion, style, trends and where you might ‘fit into’ that.

Our workshops and events are inspiring, uplifting and inclusive.

A chance for you to take time out for yourself to hang out with lots of other women (this is a women only event, sorry no blokes or babies) from a mix bag of backgrounds with a plethora of varying priorities, dreams and goals and unique views and attitudes; we want to celebrate all of that while introducing you to our thoughts on self-care and style.

Wanna come?

You can buy your tickets here.

Spread the word, make sure you subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any further updates with My Style Triangle, plus if you’re on Instagram, you can also follow our new account on there, too.

OK! Phew! We have lift off, people! *scurries off to get a drink.

Cheers! And hope to see you soon.



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