I seem to be one of those people who exist in a TOTALLY different climate to everyone else. So, when the whole fam’ are strutting around in shorts and Ts, I’m the one whining to put the heating on – in the middle of June!

Similarly, while the world around me wears tea-cosy hats, heavy coats and fluffy muffs (!) – sorry, but as an ex-Fashion Editor, it’s technically not a winter style feature unless you shoehorn in the word, muff – I’m usually the one feebly fanning themselves with a limp receipt as the slap slowly starts to slide…

I’m meeeeeeelting…

Too much make-up for Aldi?

Sorry, I do digress!

Mr Husband is always the first to call me out when it comes to not dressing appropriately for the weather.

And that’s probably because sometimes I do manage to get it spectacularly wrong!

Especially when we head to Cornwall to visit the in laws.

Guaranteed, before you can say ‘jam first, then cream’ he’ll end up banging on about how “that’s not waterproof” or “you’ll be cold” or “you need more/less layers than that!”

B-OOOOOOO-RING!!!!! *eye rolls


He’s a little bit right.

(Who even said that?!)

So, in a bid to curb my confused-climate-condition, this winter I’m attempting to introduce some more practical solutions without compromising on style.

Plus, let’s not forget, even if you don’t have a broken body thermostat like me, it’s practically impossible to predict the weather in Britland, innit?

From the klaxon calling headlines announcing the Beast from the East is back to hearing little ol’ ladies at the bus stop chattering on about their crocuses coming up too early.

One thing’s certain when it comes to our weather, you never can tell.

So, if like me, you don’t want to look like you’re about to join the inuit community when you’re just going to Sainsbo’s; you still want to look stylish this season but without having to freeze your fashionable tits-off, then this list of my latest winter style secrets just might help…


Farrrrrrrking hell, I knowwwwww! (Please keep reading. PLEASE!)

Look, I have nothing against wearing a fleece but they’re just so…BORING, PRACTICAL & GROSS!

There, I said it!

I know that fashun is having a little flirt with ‘ugly’ stuff of late, especially footwear.

Otherwise known as ‘fugly’ (fashion + ugly) we’ve seen Crocs on the catwalk, £700 designer ‘Dad’ trainers and more recently, tribes of Instagram fashun gals wearing hiking boots (in particular, heritage brand, Grenson).

Jewelled crocs at Christopher Kane | Image from Christopher Kane SS17
Fancy shelling out £700!!! for these Balenciaga Triple S trainers? Well they’re sold out EVERYWHERE, so you can’t! 
Is it wrong to love these pink hiking boots?

So, that said, maybe we can welcome the fleece back into the fashion fold?

I’d suggest buying a neutral colour. I bought mine in black from Berghaus with a full zip, so no messing up your hair getting it on/off with a half zip.

If you’re not a fan of the ‘bulkiness’ I’d suggest a micro fleece because the composition is a lot thinner than regular sherpa fleece which tends to be heavier and chunkier.

This way, you can easily wear it as an extra layer, lining under any coat. I often wear mine under my midi-length duster coat or blazer and then it can easily be rolled up and stuffed into a bag. Don’t know about you but I tend to start the school-run feeling like a pack of frozen fish fingers then by pick-up, I look drunk and deep-fried!


I. just. LOVE. how. utterly. wanky. that. subhead. sounds!

However, cashmere will keep you warmer, dahhhling.

Being non-synthetic, natural fibres are way more breathable. You can finally say ‘See Ya!’ to itchy, acrylic joompa sweats.

Cashmere is of course more expensive so if anything, a pair of gloves, a hat or a scarf or large pashmina are good starting points.

Cashmere wrist warmers by Somerville Scarves Bag | Vintage bag by Chanel | Ring by SVP jewellery

Once you try it for yourself and experience just how the clever weave controls your body temperature, you may end up investing in some more pieces that work in your winter wardrobe. Just remember, store cashmere well in vac bags and dry clean before packing away or those stale sweat patches could end up feeding a mega moth invasion.


I won’t wang on but I will say that these thermals from Uniqlo are a total game changer. Wear them under EVERYTHING – dresses, dungarees, jeans…

And on really cold nights, wear them in bed! I know how to show Mr Husband a good time, innit!


I first saw these on my former boss’ Instagram and blog a few years back. Erica would always mention how she wears sheepskin liners in her trainers which is utter GENIUS because we all know that there’s nothing worse than a sliding sock, right?


And while I’m not adverse to frozen ankles, I defo draw the line at frozen feet!

‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. A great read made even better by my secret sheepskin insoles in my Stan Smiths!  | Bracelets LLLovesUK


‘Cause a penguin won’t help you stay warm plus it’s not a dissimilar feeling to wearing your duvet during the day, innit!?

Coat, Studio by Preen at Debenhams | Sold out but the crop floral puffer is a steal now in the sale for under £30! GO! | Help Refugees, Choose Love T, asos | Shoes, sold out, Raid London

What do you think then? See any muff-buys for winter here?

Scroll down to comment and see you next Sunday! If you’re booking your holidays this month, then you may find next weeks blog post really useful…



  • Im off to swoon the sexiest fleece i can find & some sheeplinerythingamejigs for my trainers… im a side line momma & wifey and need these in my life…. uniglo im coming to get you xxx

    • Hahaha! I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my fleece-loathing. I do jest but they are fugly, hehehe! Stay warm lovely

      FT xx

    • Shit man! There’s me thinking you don’t even read my blog, hahaha! You’re not ALWAYS right…xxxx

  • Hey Fatima,
    Did I read correct a fleece ha ha! Well must admit they are lovely and warm and dare I admit I bought one, admittedly worn mostly indoors but it’s a grey animal print one. It is a fitted style from m&s. Loving the puffa from Preen and I do love a puffa coat they really are a lifesaver!
    Cashmere now your talking lovely, great tips on how to store and look after.
    Thanks FT I’m now ready for the beast from the east xx

    • I know Jenna. A fleece! Me? Can you believe it?! I do draw the line at crocs for adults – their flip flops are OK, but those traditional ones, never!!!! I think… hehe 😉

      FT x x x

  • Hey whilst reading up to point 1/2 I thought does Fatima know about Uniqlo! Never knew about sheepskin liners def going to check them out..but not the fleece lol..x

  • As my ‘Mr Husband’ went off this morning in really nice suit (mourn the demise of Austin Reed) and smart overcoat then ruined effect with thermal pull on hat……..think he needs the advice on warmth with STYLE!!! What do suit types wear – anyone out there??

    • Has he tried cadet caps? M&S are quite good with mens hats… J would suit a trilby or a baker boy…

      FT xx

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