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As promised, here’s the third and final blog post explaining My Style Triangle – a collaborative project I’m working on together with Sunita from Lucky Things.

Check out Sunita & I looking deep in convo just before delivering a Lucky Things Style & Confidence talk. Photography: Kelly Reeves

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Once you’re up to speed with the mechanics so far of My Style Triangle, you’ll know that questioning how your wardrobe currently makes you feel and more importantly, the reasons why, are paramount to the entire process.

Taking time to understand the reasons why you feel ecstatic, for example, when you’re floating around in a cotton smock dress but then equally wretched when you pull on those high-waist trousers, starts a process of highlighting (hidden) emotions, feelings and thoughts that you may/may not have been aware of when deciding what to wear and what to buy.

Remember, you’re not just pulling on a jumper or trying on a suit – you’re creating an extended sense of your identity.

For me, style and the fluidity of fashion through the years has always meant more than just merely clothes.

I liken it to a language.

A multi-faceted form of communication linked to so many things – including your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Ultimately, you are creating a message.

Your message.

When navigating around this first stage of My Style Triangle, my advice would be to work through it slowly and at your own pace.

You may end up going a lot deeper than you may have initially thought…

Likewise, with the second stage of My Style Triangle, whereby you work on identifying what clothes, pieces and outfits fall into the three key areas as illustrated below – take your time.

Designed by Tiger Plum

Use it as an opportunity to declutter, rearrange and rejig; and get into a habit of asking yourself before you get ready or buy something “How do I feel or want to feel in this? Where does it fit on My Style Triangle?”

Must I feel ‘safe and in my comfort zone today?’ or am I feeling ‘brave and ready to stand out?’ or am I floating ‘somewhere in the middle of the two?’

Whatever you decide, remember they are all equally as good as each other.

Everything you’ve curated into each of the three zones, gives you an opportunity to explore a different feeling of self-confidence.

Ooh – if you’re on Instagram, use the hashtag #mystyletriangle and tag @the_ft_times and @luckythingsblog with any of your safety/brave/balance outfits and look out for yourself when I do my weekly round-up every Sunday on my Instagram Stories.

We’d love to see you on there!

OK, so are you ready for the third and final part of My Style Triangle?

I’ve noticed as a stylist that when people say they’re ‘stuck in a style rut’ the first thing they tend to do is shop for the new, scroll Instagram or Pinterest. Or heck, they might even pick up a magazine in search  of inspiration (circa 2001)

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying that any of the above is wrong.

I do it myself and I farkin’ love it.

However – IMHO, I truly believe that to find your style, which is what My Style Triangle is all about, you have to navigate the first two stages mentioned above first, before you can truly begin to be inspired.

You see, there’s a difference between being inspired and simply copying someone else’s groove.

The latter, I believe, not only encourages an insatiable appetite for The New, it also means you’re subconsciously locked in a cycle of comparing yourself to someone else.

Whether it’s a celebrity or someone with a bigger and better wardrobe than you, someone who’s thinner than you, prettier than you…

See how this shizzle isn’t great for your self-confidence?

And it’s probably why so many of us feel shit about our wardrobes and our wellbeing in the first place.

Yes, it sounds utterly wanky, but accepting you and being you, projecting you and reflecting you, is the heart of this project which Sunita and I sporadically coined My Style Triangle, as seen below at a Lucky Things Style & Confidence work shop in September.

Taken at The Jam Tree, Clapham by Kelly Reeves at a Style & Confidence Meet-Up

We believe that the only way to be resilient to this is to recognise who you are first; what works and what you need in your wardrobe before you hit the shops or start scrolling.

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

You just need to discover what’s (truly) yours and what will serve you best – whether that’s people watching in a cafe, going to an exhibition or watching a classic film.

Once you’ve started to shift the way you look at yourself and understand the reasons why you choose to wear the stuff you do and identify how they make you feel, then, you’ll start to see things very differently.

You’ll be inspired to create a wardrobe that works for you and your wellbeing.

In the long run, what My Style Triangle should offer you, is an organic and constantly evolving thought process that helps you wear what you want.

Whether you’re feeling comfortable, daring or a bit of both, is up to you!

In six months time what’s in your daring could become your comfort zone and as your lifestyle and needs change, so too will your style triangle.

Let it move, let it change, let it grow – as you do.

By homing in on just these three simple zones – all of which make you feel good and happy in their own way – you’ll find that those unnecessary shopping purchases will stop.

In fact, I guarantee that it will naturally slow down as you become more selective.

And while this project isn’t solely centred on sustainability – surely, a more considered approach to consuming can never, ever be a bad thing, innit?!

You’ve seen the Stacey Dooley BBC3 documentary ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ right? If not, please try and catch it.

Thanks for reading and apologies that this last instalment came in a bit later than planned. If you’re on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been a bit of a funk with the app…

Usual Sunday blog posting will resume from now on. Promise. (I may even try posting more now that I’ve fallen out of love with Instagram and its impossible algorithms!)

Does My Style Triangle make sense?

You know how I love to wang on, innit?

I just want to make sure that it’s all making a bit more sense now…

Let me know.




  • Thank you Fatima and Sunita, I love the style triangle, brilliant concept, I’ve been trying it out and recently braved wearing something different and out of my comfort zone for a family wedding . It paid off as I felt confident and got lots of compliments in return!

  • It’s so true about copying FT! I often scroll through IG and Pinterest thinking Ooh I’d love to wear that! The reality is I can’t afford to buy the outfit so I think of ways to repeat it with what I already have.
    Congratulations on another excellent article my friend. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this brilliant idea. I think there’s potential for a tour, no?

  • Hi Love, i get it now! I did get into a rut and tries styling myself according to age but I didn’t feel happy. Although I’m older (48) I still feel much younger so now I’ve dropped the chinos! And instead wear the jeans that I enjoy wearing and make me feel alive!

    • Yes! It’s all about being intune to you. It can take a while to understand but when it does, it’s so empowering xx

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