Since the arrival of kids and despite trying to fill our house with wooden toys and all the stylish stuff, the reality is that if you’re parent, your house WILL consist of 90% tut.

Let’s begin with the first born.

Much to his embarrassment – especially now as a moody ‘I know everything’ teenager – when he was little (and looked like an absolute cherub) he loved EVERYTHING to do with Thomas the frickin’ Tank Engine!


The (pedantic) blue engine and all his (annoying) friends were everywhere!

We owned every single DVD (even a dodgy Cantonese version, but he still didn’t mind!) and we had rail tracks on the floor in every room!

OK, I hyperbolise, but it sure felt like we lived on the island of Sodor!

I reckon I could still name all the characters circa 2004-2010!

And now, it’s the turn of the second born…

Despite buying her a wooden dolls house for her 1st birthday – which she does still love and Sylvannian Families, too (which is basically me reliving the childhood toys I would have wanted, ha!) we’ve since had Shopkins, Num NomsHatchimals and more recently, like many other seven year old girls… it’s now the turn of the LOL Suprise Doll invasion.

I don’t use that word lightly – it is an INVASION!

Of course, I loathe the amount of unnecessary plastic they use in the packaging.

Yes, I’m gobsmacked at why she finds someone else opening up LOL Dolls on YouTube sooooo fascinating!

And you should see the look on my face when she asks “Where are Centre Stage’s shoes! Can you help me find them, please?”

FML! Have you seen the micro size of the accessories these dolls come with?!

However, I geddit – she’s not buying this stuff all by herself, is she now?

I’ll admit, I’ve spent over £30 bidding on ebay for an already-opened but-new Unicorn LOL doll that she really, really wanted!

And do you know what? I must admit, I’m weirdly excited about which doll she’s getting next, too.

But when you tot up that you’ve already spent close to £200 on these plastic mini dolls that wee and cry, not including the frantic ebay bid – you’ve got to draw the LOL line.

Which is why when my mates at Matalan got in contact to see if I’d like to further fuel her latest, lairy obsession, I hesitated.

Did  I really want a LOL Surprise Doll duvet in her room?

I was about to politely decline their offer to gift but then I remembered how my eldest LOVED his Thomas duvet – even though I may not have quite appreciated its aesthetics.

And then, I got to thinking about how my big brother LOVED his Superman duvet when he was younger and how I always coveted my Pierrot clown duvet.

Remember them?

Image: Twitter
Image: Pinterest

So yes,  I let her have it and guess what – she frickin’ LOVES it!

In years to come, she may remember that duvet with fondness like I do my crying Pierrot clown.

And I’m sure that once the teen exits The Satan Years, he’ll say the same about his Thomas the Tank Engine quilt, too.

In a world where we are becoming so obsessed with Instagram interior perfection – don’t get me wrong, I’m mega guilty of this, too – even I can admit that they win when it comes to the tut-wars.

Plus, the look on her face when she wakes up, surrounded by Miss Baby, Leading Baby & co and all their mahoosive eyes, is definitely worth the ocassional style surrender.

LOL indeed!

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LOL Suprise Duvet set | £18-24 | Matalan


  • Lol oops sorry I didmean laugh out loud! I feel for you but at least now your specialist subject on Master Mind is sorted!

    • I KNOW! I was thinking that! If the last question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was EVER Thomas the Tank circa ’04-10, I’m your gal!

      FT xoxo

  • Oh blimey I totally agree on this Fatima. All those curated kids bedrooms on Instagram are beautiful but I can’t imagine a kid anywhere loving dove grey walls. Or whatever Living Etc deems the latest in childrens bedroom chic. I remember N’s epic Thomas collection actually, Jas was a fan too later.
    Lulu is constantly building forts at the moment. She drags all her bedding through the house, so it’s a good thing I haven’t spent too much on it really. She also loves LOL 😉

    • I think we’ve all done it haha! Gone in with a colour chart of soft greys and and calming colours to then only be met with all the plastic in China – gah! We’re also a fortress family at the mo too. All my TK Maxx cushions get involved as well as her blankets, hehe! Wonder what it’ll be next…

      FT xoxo

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