HELLO! How are you? How was your summer? Now that the kids are back to school, I can finally get back to blogging – HUZZAH!

I didn’t intend to take a break from blogging – it was just an impossible task, what with our month-long, wanderlust holiday spent touring France and Spain in our camper van (a blog post is cooking FYI, with ALL the gory details).

Somewhere en France for our annual National Lampoon-style camper van vacation

Admittedly (foolishly, more like) I had visions that I would be tapping away at the laptop, while the kids made friends with Europe’s next generation of campers, a sunset backdrop, a glass of wine…

Fair weather campers, the views are truly stunning and surprisingly, not too many mozzies!

PAH! More like frantic showers before heading out to the mini disco, forever in a cheap sangria fog, endless games of UNO, dancing to Des-pa-ci-to and Chocco-chocco-chocco-cho-co-la-te!

The 8pm klaxon call for the MINI DISCO!!!!!!

Oh well. It’s good to take a break, innit? Hope you’ve all had a chance to reset and reflect.

September is more and more becoming the new ‘New Year’, have you noticed? There’s lots of chat about getting back into a routine after a no-rules summer spent drinking all the Aperol. The inflatables and camping gear have been put away for another year and we’ve already had the conversation to edge the Christmas decorations closer to the loft hatch entrance, ready to bring down. Autumn is in full view, folks! (Eeeek, can’t believe I actually typed the ‘C’ word!)

Anyways, I come bearing gifts for my welcome back post!

Well a fabulous discount code and some exciting news, too! (No I’m not pregnant! Remember, I want a kitchen extension, not a third child, ha!)

Nothing gives me more digital pleasure than to big up small businesses and stylish start-ups and this one in particular, you will LOVE!

Check out Family Merch and Janine’s super fine slogan styles. She kindly gifted me the Béni T-shirt and I love it (plus it sounds way less wanky than ‘Blessed’, IMHO!)

Béni T-shirt | £23.50 | Family Merch

And get this – she’s given me an exclusive 20% code for all my Instagram followers and blog subscribers to use at Family Merch – including this T-shirt – just use FATIMA20 at check out.

Please note it’s for one single transaction only and is valid until 17th September ’18. Happy Shoppping!

Lastly, my little bit of exciting news is that I have been asked to speak at the next Lucky Things Meet-Up! Waaaaah!

I’ll be sharing my tips on style and confidence on September 12th in South London and there are still a few tickets left if you want to come down, have fizz and chat non-scary, useful fashion tips.

Click here for more details and I look forward to seeing you there. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, I’ll report back on here and let you know how it all went.

Whether you’re coming or not, if you have any style dilemmas you’d like me to address, please do comment below.

Have you lost your fashion mo-jo?

Are you wondering what A/W trends to buy this season?

Shopping on a budget? Where’s best to go?

Ask me anything – it’ll really help me with my prep for next weeks panel discussion and get me thinking about the everyday style challenges we all face and need friendly advice with.

Hit me UP!

Over and out.

Happy September…



  • Hahaha thank God for UNO right? I was the same, thought I could keep up a weekly post and I did do so well….but, fell at the final hurdle. Couldn’t make it through the last three weeks of a ten week break. Yep that’s TEN ugh.
    Re your fab Tee, I love the font more than anything. Cool retro vibe will get me every time 😉
    I’m looking forward to reading about your speaking headline FT, you’ll nail it fo sho xx

  • Also, question to consider: what key items should I invest in? What’s worth splashing the cash on and where?

  • First time I read your post and you had me giggling. Love your style of writing definitely resonates with me. Anyways signed up to your blog and looking forward to reading more!

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