Not since the 80s – think Lady Di and Laura Ashley – has the humble summer dress shone so bright in summer.  I don’t actually remember what it feels like to wear jeans anymore!

This UK heatwave has been a (lovely) shock to the style system and if you find that you struggle to straddle that fine line between looking stylish and a right sweaty mess; I’ve found that a loose fitting frock is the solution.

Unless, that is, you want to get arrested, ha!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my denim shorts teamed with a pretty white shirt of some sort or a loose fitting jumpsuit. However, when that mercury rises, let’s be honest, anything that allows you to waft freely is way more preferable than looking like you’ve wet yourself!

Comfort is key. Not chaffing!

And until some genius creates a summer bra that gives you support AND helps soak up tit sweat, IMHO, the summer dress is the answer.

Allow me to introduce to you, my five favourite forever-styles…


Usually mid-length with a higher empire line (waist line) to give the illusion of length; this summer dress is a flattering fit for anyone that’s looking for a fuller skirt, too.

I’m small up top, so I can go braless in this New Look number (pictured) but fuller busts can shop for styles with more support. Or, if you can be bothered, take it to an alterations place, ask them to chop off some of the hem and rework slightly wider straps. Ta-da!

New Look Denim Chambray Dress | TK Maxx Straw bag (OLD) | Swedish Hasbeen Clogs | Ray Ban Sunglasses
This New Look dress also comes in a darker blue version too.
Try these button up dresses too…


No lie – this dress actually spoke to me!

Late one night, last summer, just as we were about to embark on our annual camping holiday around France and Spain in our camper van, I was scrolling on Instagram (as you do!) and thanks to my Insta-pal, Emma she introduced me to the wonder that is Forage Somerset.

My gypsy soul will always be drawn to the different, something with spirit, colours that clash and this dress ticked all the boho boxes.

This traditional Balochistani dress is loose fitting and ideal for travelling. I’ve slept in it, woke up in it; it makes the ideal two-dayer and is a fast dryer, too. Wonga well spent!

The dress that’ll always remind me of our summer camping travels. From Forage Somerset.
More folk inspired frocks…

Predictable, I know, but I just love a white summer dress. Maybe it’s all in the mind but white feels fresh, crisp and effortless. Here’s the long and the short of it…

Go short. Dilli Grey cotton dress (with pockets) is ideal for festival and beach living. (Gifted)
The Dilli Grey dress that keeps on giving. It’s the softest cotton EVER!
Dress by Nine by Savannah Miller at Debenhams (Sold Out)
Some more white styles to shop here…

Depending on how you style it, a floral summer dress can look fashionable, feisty or formal. I recently wrote about how to boss the boho look with some key accessories and style twists using this hippy-house dress from Dilli Grey.

The important thing is to remember that florals aren’t going anywhere so when you find a flowery sun dress that works for your body shape and style tribe, get it ’cause you’re guaranteed to get tons of wear out of it every summer.

Dress by Dilli Grey (gifted) | Bag, Louis Vuitton | Shoes, old season, New Look | Sunglasses Prada
More flirty floral styles here…

Translated simply as the summer dress that sets your belly free – HUZZAH! Whether you’re expecting a baby (no), are feeling bloated (yes) or are due a food baby (always!) – these dresses are designed to be relaxed fit and effortless in throwing off/on.

Easy to dress up with summer wedges or down with simple flat sandals. What is not to love, innit?

They  also double up as great beach cover-ups, too. Talking of which, I’m actually partial to an oversized shirt to layer over my bikini – Mr Beckham totally killed the sarong thing, don’t cha think?

Tie shoulder dress, H&M (Sold out online) | Round bag, Monsoon | Flip Flops, Havaianas
Some more easy wear smock ideas here…

Thank you for reading and as always, scroll down to say ‘Hi’ and comment below.



  • Thank you, lovely article. I love the photos, very pretty!! I’m with you… loose dresses seem to work best in this heat and I’m a big fan of cotton.

    • Definitely! The Dilli Grey styles are all 100% cotton – so comfy in this weather.

      Thanks Sabrina

      FT xoxo

  • Just wanted to say thanks so much, I love your blog, SO many great ideas! Am now trying to choose which dress to go for, out of the five that I liked above! Wondering how to get away with buying all five…

    • That has made me smile! Thank you Courtney. All I ever wanted was for this blog to be of use. Thank you and have a great day. Let me know what you end up getting. They are all classic styles IMHO, so you’ll do well in any of them. Remember, go with what makes YOU feel fabulous.

      FT xoxo

  • Dear Bloggers everywhere, stop writing. The perfect round up of Summer dresses is right here!
    Love your descriptions of each style & why you chose them, thanks FT. Great post Doll xx

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