Just to clarify, I’m not really a fan of the term ‘millennial’. Like most labels, they’re limiting and can make people over generalise. After all, not every millennial (those born in the mid 80s – 90s) likes avo’ on toast, wears pale pink and believes in unicorns, innit?!

And while I don’t think that any of the beauty brands mentioned in this post have intentionally aimed their products away from consumers like myself (Generation X  born in the 60s – early 80s ) I also don’t think they had a 40-year-old-suburban-Mum-of-two in mind either!

Additionally, the following ‘millennial’ chat is definitely not in my everyday vocabulary.

On fleek






Oh wait!  I do say that last one quite a lot, especially on Instagram but that’s my point, I guess. It’s OK to be a 20-something with a passion for crosswords and crafting and similarly, it’s cool to still love Hello Kitty when you’re in your 40s, innit!? *coughs nervously

The market place is full of overlaps. Defining the consumer today can be so tricky…

And I frickin’ love that!

A bit like style ‘rules’ – I say break ’em!

If you love it, rock it – regardless of age, body shape, skin tone etc.

Slay it, in fact, ha!

Which leads me nicely onto my ‘millennial’ make-up must-buys. There’s three brands here that I think are sick!

First up is NYX Professional Make-Up.

They used to sponsor Ru Paul’s Drag Race on Netflix and they’re one of the most mentioned brand by beauty vloggers over on You Tube – of which (IMHO) these tutorials are now fast becoming the new beauty counter. NYX have always had a very strong social media game – it’s no wonder they are a successful go-to millennial brand.

My favourite product is NYX Total Control Drop Foundation.

Who would have thought that a foundation in what’s technically an Ear Wax bottle could be so boss, eh?

As a brown human being, it can be a struggle to find ‘The One’ when it comes to foundations and base products.

My all time favourite is YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint – but I have to buy two shades to get the perfect match (BD60 and B70). That’s £70 in total! GAH!

Saying that, things have improved compared to my teenage years (FFS) when I had zero choice but white-girl-Rimmel products in Superdrug!

Recently, I wrote (apologetically) about Pixi Beauty and how they totally surprised me with the shades in their range. It’s slow steps but it’s moving in the right direction. However, the beauty biz still needs to tackle the issue of availability. Case in point is the much hyped Fenty Beauty range by Rihanna. There’s no point having the shades but needing to travel to London to test and then buy – that’s not always a viable option for many.

Which is why I love NYX and their Total Control Drop Foundation. It’s one bottle (I use Caramel) but there are 24 shades to choose from, it’s £14  and stocked in Boots! YASSSS!

It’s ideal if you have oily skin, too as its super light weight formula glides on like water, yet it has incredible coverage.

I don’t need concealer to hide my acne scars and blemishes and the overall effect is super natural and not cakey. BOOM!

The fact that I didn’t have to use blu-tack to stop these bits from rolling around was wicked!

Next up is Kat Von D Beauty which is available in Debenhams.

I have wanged on about her Tattoo eyeliner before and I still stand by my blog post – it’s THE BEST. Some people say it dries out quickly, but after three months, it’s time to bin the darn thing and buy a fresh one anyway, innit!

There are cheaper liners out there, so go with what suits your budget but if you can splash out (£16) do try this one. I’m an eyeliner addict and I’ve yet to find one that glides on so easily.

Especially if you want those precision flicks and you’ve got 40 year old eyes that are starting to droop!

And in addition to this, if you want brows on fleek, then this new launch is also worth the wonga. Say hi to the Signature Brow Precision Pencil. The nib is slanted and quite hard and scratchy which is what you need from a brow pencil in order to get those imitation hair strokes. If natural looking, fuller brows are your goals, then add this to your kit. I use Walnut but there are seven shades to pick from.

The perfect everyday lip colour to hide pigmentation and the fact that I once smoked 30 a day. FARRRKKKK!

Finally, there’s Lottie London – because I love a nude, matte lip and they have smashed it with their Slay All Day Lip Kits.

Lots of beauty brands do lip kits now, mainly thanks to Kylie Jenner (I may have just eye rolled, soz!) It doesn’t get more millennial than her!

While everyone and anyone can produce a lip kit, for me, it’s all about three things.

1. Shade 2. Consistency 3. Coverage

Being an ex-smoker has meant that my lips have slight discolouration. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting them tattooed but I’m still not convinced this is the answer.

I know it’s such a first world problem but I’m so fussy about my nude  lip shade. (It has to be matte too, I cannot tolerate gloss. EVER!) Too pale and it looks chalky and drains my complexion; too dark and it instantly ashens my skin tone and adds 10 years on.

I set Lottie London the challenge and was kindly sent a few goodies including this Slay All Day Kit in So Good – and it was bang on!

Line lips first with the pencil and then set your pout with the liquid lipstick which dries to a matte, smudge proof finish.

It really and truly does not budge ALL DAY LONG!

Ta-Dah! I mean, how could I not finish this post without a shameless selfie, eh!

Quick Saturday selfie! And yes, that’s the footy on the telly box! It’s coming home!

Thanks for reading and as always, scroll down and say ‘Hi’, ask me any questions and blah below. Laters!



  • Oh you beautiful brown girl, love that face MWAH!
    Thanks for the run down FT, I’ve not tried NYX but I hear good things so I may actually try it now. I think many Women struggle to stay accurate with their base shade. It’s not only difficult to find the correct colour but our skin colour alters throughout the year. This is where we need a couple of shades to switch back and forth or even blend together. It also makes a difference what powder, if any, we use.
    Oooh perhaps you could test some dusting powders next?

    • Which is why I do love my YSL duo as it means I can notch it up and down as my skin changes colour through the seasons – but it’s lumpy. It does hurt the wallet 🙁 But it’s worth splashing out on a good base, if you can…
      I don’t use powder but I should as I start to shine after 20 mins, ha! Great idea Chelle!

      FT xoxo

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