Apart from a horrific threading experience about ten years ago where my brows were practically cats-cradled off my face, the traditional Asian hair removal technique is now the only way I want my brows to be tidied, sculpted and shaped.

In the three years that I’ve been getting them threaded, my brows have gone from over-plucked, sparse and thin to fuller with proper tails, too!

The secret? 1. Build up trust with a brow threader who understands what shape you want and 2.  You need to leave them well alone in between threading sessions.

For me, that meant throwing out all the tweezers I’ve EVER owned!

Actually, I lie, I kept one…

Purely to pull out this one stray chin hair that likes to freak me out with her stealth presence!

Seriously, once she grew to nearly 2cm, undetected! I was mortified!

How had I allowed her all this free time to grow so long? Someone must have spotted it, surely!?

ANYWAYS! I digress.

Back to my bad habit of over plucking my eyebrows.

Like many, when I was young, the teen wolf stage was really TOUGH!

Genetically, I was always going to be a hairy Asian girl.

I can look back and giggle about it now, but seriously, those days were a horrid struggle. I felt so ugly and uncomfortable with all of that unnecessary fuzz.

So yes, I resorted to stealing one of my Dad’s orange Bic disposables to secretly shave away the fluffy hairs in the middle of my brows. Feeling like I was back in control of my hairy DNA, I then upgraded myself to Mum’s tweezers. The rest is history and the result was unruly and shapeless brows that haphazardly grew into a desperate, thin mess.

When your brows are like this, you simply fall into a habit of culling any hair that even attempts to step out of line.

I know I did. I was ruthless and for years I would pluck strays out on a daily basis not realising that over-tweezing traumatises the hair follicles and weakens their ability to grow back.

Eyebrow poster | Etsy

Then, I started trialling some brow growth serums for a beauty feature I was working on. They started to get a bit more TLC as I got more into a routine of combing them with a clean, dry toothbrush and applying the serum before bed.

Now, not to be mistaken for Miracle Gro Grass Repair, while these serums can encourage growth, don’t expect the equivalent of a new lawn in a weeks time. In my experience it’s quite subtle but different hair and skin types may have better and more noticeable results.

They’re not cheap mind but if you’re interested, I’ve tried both of these and can recommend them.

There’s also lots of hype about LiBrow too and RapidLash is your best affordable option other than using more natural solutions of castor and coconut oil.

Similar to a diet or fitness regime, until you start to see a change, you’ll think it’s all BS.

Give it time, brows grow in a three to four month cycle so it can take a while to notice any difference.

Needless  to say, there was a slight improvement in density but more importantly, I became less quick of the mark to take down stray hairs and instead just learnt to slick them back with a bit of brow gel to tidy.

Now that my brows were getting bigger (ie: given the chance to actually grow) I nervously ventured back down the threading route.

I quickly learnt where I went wrong all those years ago when a threading experience left me with twiglets for brows.

Explain fully that you want to keep the fullness and encourage natural growth.

Be prepared that the first few threading sessions will be more of a tidy up than a sculpted finish to gauge what direction the hair is growing in and which areas might be forever sparse than others.

Not dissimilar to going to the hairdressers, use the same person, they will get to know your brows and work with the best shape that suits  you.

I get my brows threaded roughly every three to four weeks. This does mean that in week four my brows look  like my close-up picture above – in need of a good tidy up.

Not for everyone, I know, but if like me, you don’t give a pluck about that, then threading might finally see the end of your eyebrow battles.

I’ve since had mine microbladed (in May last year) by the Queen of Brows, Suman Jalaf – read all about it here. Pricey but worth the pain on both your purse and you (I found it so torturous, I could have poo’d my pants!) but saying that I’d totally recommend it for brows that can last for up to 12-18months.

Otherwise, simply fill brows in between threading sessions for added density and depth. There’s a ton of products out there (which can be confusing) so I’ll leave you here with my favourite five quick-fix brow essentials (try saying that after a couple of glasses of Malbec!)

YSL Couture Brow To tidy. Adds subtle colour
Nars Brow Gel Clear gel to neaten and slick
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brow Tools Kit  Lashes and brows get the CT treatment
Kat Von D Signature Brow Precision Pencil | £17 Adore the texture and precision nib
Mac Great Brows Great for blending

Thanks for reading.

As always, scroll down to ask any questions or just feel free to comment below.



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