Last summer will always go down in high-street fashion history as the year when tassel earrings went stratospheric!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that these red ones from H&M (along with the yellow, black and gold) were literally locked to my lobes, innit!

Fashion Blogger The FT Times Fatima Truscott wearing H&M Tassel Earrings
H&M Tassel Earrings | £8.99

From sunbathing and swimming in the Med (yup, I even swam in them, ha!) to Mums nights out and date nights; what I love about statement earrings is that they make an inexpensive addition to any wardrobe.

Whether it’s updating a white shirt and jeans or game-changing a simple dress, whatever your style, super-sized danglers make the perfect show-stoppers.

This year, if you’re wondering what styles to lust over, then take a look at these gems that somewhat sidetracked me this week whilst prepping for a styling job (happens a lot!)

I’ve split them into my five favourite trends and size matters, too this season.

From maxi to miniature to twinkling climbers – earrings that curve up the ear – and jackets too – where the butterfly fastening is decorative, also.

Listen up ladies, your lobedown (sorry!) starts now!

1. Urban Outfitters Estella Bartlett Starburst Hoops | £19  2. ASOS DESIGN Cut Out Ornate Edge Hoops | £6 3. ASOS DESIGN coin shower earrings | £10

From coin details to ornate hoops, if they’re big and make a jingly noise, you’re onto something!

1. Anthropologie Jewelled Chandelier Drops | £44  2River Island Gold tone crescent stone studs | £8  3ASOS Ivyrevel Multi Stone Statement earrings | £19

Dazzle in statement drops or super-sized stylish studs. Team with a simple outfit and let your lobes do the talking.

1. ALDO Woidien Multicoloured Tassels | £15 2. New Look Red Pom Pom Hoops | £4.99 3. ASOS DESIGN Pastel Resin And Open Flower Drops | £6

From pom-poms to resins and tassels, too – all textures and handicrafts can join in on the the fun this summer.

1. ASOS DESIGN statement clear acrylic and metal shape drops | £10  2. ASOS Coloured Metal Geo Shape | £8  3. ASOS DESIGN statement pastel metal and resin | £15

There’s a strong 80s vibe to this trend and I love it! Plus the plastic means they won’t be heavy weights danglers either!

1. ASOS DESIGN Pack Of 3 Faux Stone And Crystal Shard Studs | £8 2. Accessorize ROSE GOLD SIMPLE STONE EAR JACKETS | £12  3. Anthropologie Uphill Climbers | £40

And lastly, this season has seen a surge for simple studs. Look out for dainty climbers and clever ‘jackets’ too, where the devil is in the butterfly detail.


Please scroll down to comment. Whether it’s advice on styling up an outfit or a question about anything you’ve seen on this blog post, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you xoxo


  • Ooooh *squeal* awesome roundup FT!
    What you call Gypsy has been my fave style since I visited Dubrovnik last year. The locally made traditional earrings are stunning. I bought a silver pair from the market that were about £20 & I wear them a lot. They also have jewellery shops there where you can get intricate filigree patterns in gold for a few hundred quid. Absolutely stunning but sadly out of my range although as an investment I think they would never date.
    I’m also loving the artisan picks you have chosen although my earlobes may not. I think they’d be too heavy, I don’t know…worth a try perhaps?

    • Oh yeah, that trip was pretty.
      I LOVE that handcrafted hammered metal look – it’s definitely going to be my choice of earrings this summer, too. Although I still love my tassels earrings as I can swim in them too and dry them out easily, haha!
      I can’t do heavy earrings either. Who can?
      FT xoxo

    • Haha! If I won the lottery, EVERYTHING would be from Anthro

      Love the climbers, too

      FT xoxo

  • Oh you do work a tassle earring well. I loved your yellow ones, as well as the red, oh and the black!
    I’ve only just started wearing earrings again, really does change up an outfit. Love your choices here xx

    • That’s exactly why I posted this Tijen, it can be a relatively inexpensive way to game change any old outfit (depending on where you shop, haha!)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting lovely

      Miss you face. Aeropress love and kisses

      FT xoxo

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