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Whenever I get asked if I want more kids, the reply is the same. A very confident “No way!” closely followed by a “but what I REALLY want is an extension…”

I’ve been saying this for what seems like the last four years! However, three redundancies (no one’s buying magazine anymore) plus Mr. Husband (rightly) bought a VW camper van and then there’s that small issue of finance (pah!) all continued to crap on my kitchen extension dream.

That is until recently when a PSYCHIC told me that we’d in fact be getting one NEXT YEAR!


OK. So, the logistics are still somewhat shady…

I’m still a time-rich but very cash-poor freelance fashion stylist, my husband’s a fire fighter. The psychic mentioned no lottery win or the such but just that we weren’t moving house (we’d be flirting with the idea) but that we’d finally get to fulfil those dream home improvements – not this year – but in 2019.

I’ve had several readings over the years and although some are more vague than others, I’m keeping the faith with this one!

Plus, it was a good enough reason for me to reignite my love for Pinterest, which to be honest, I’d fallen out of love with lately as my time these days seems to get sapped up scrolling away on Instagram, gah!

However, researching my dream kitchen extension has totally made me fall back in love with the image bank that I once used ALL THE TIME when I worked full-time as a Fashion & Beauty Editor. From creating mood boards for celebrity photoshoots to visual treatments for fashion stories. Plus there’s the sheer joy of just pinning on-point outfits and falling down all sorts of pretty Pinterest rabbit holes.

One took me to this gorgeous Polish village where all the houses are decorated with hand-painted flowers. Pop ‘Zalipie’ into Pinterest and enjoy!

Zalipie, the pretty village in Polska where houses are hand-painted in folk flowers

Anyway, back to the kitchen extension.

I thought I’d share where I’m at, so far, with my wish list.

There are 10 things here that I know I will really struggle to budge on but for now, it’s all a bit of a blue sky project.

I still don’t know where this money tree is growing to fund it – but until then I’m just gonna keep on dreaming and pinning, innit?

This extension by My London Extensions is roughly the same size project we’d be looking into.
Picture | Pinterest | My London Extensions

It would be rude not to, right? I love that outdoors-indoors feeling you get with the sleek design of bi-folds. We currently have two sets of white PVU doors that only open fully at a right angle into our garden (annoying!) plus we’d need to lift our patio up to meet the extension floor level to achieve that fluid effect of indoors and out, which is an absolute must-do in my opinion but will of course incur more money…

Picture | at John Lewis

Don’t ask me why, but I have it in my head that the main seating in the extension will be a bright orange velvet two-seater. BEYOND OBSESSED with this one from Loaf!

Picture | Enjoy Events | Pinterest

We already have two of these Philippe Stark for Kartell Louis Ghost chair’s but I love the idea of teaming them at each end of a heavy, wood dining table (as seen here) then with a bench seat opposite – which I think would be a great space saver. I also love the contrast of textures that this dining arrangement offers.

Picture | Pinterest | deVOL kitchens

I think this is the first thing that Mr Husband will say no to. WAAAH! I used to have a butler sink in my very first house. I designed the kitchen in a classic shaker style with wooden work tops and it was beautiful. But Mr Husband reckons that everything breaks too easily in a deep ceramic sink. He’s way more heavy handed than me I guess, so I may have to compromise here.. but I don’t want to! What other options are there? My second choice would be a gold or copper lined sink. With matching taps. Like the sound of that?

Picture | Pinterest

Somewhere in our kitchen-dining-family room extension I would love to have some sort of blackboard panel either on a section of a wall or like here on the side of one of the units. If it could double up as a magnetic panel too, even better! I always need somewhere to display all the ‘I drew a picture for you Mummy’, spelling certificates, party invitations and so forth. It adds a homely touch.

Picture: Pinterest

My only reservation with the dark cupboards is that it can make a smaller space look even more tinier, especially as we’re thinking of laying down a dark wood floor, too. We may have to rethink dark units if this is the case and possibly get just black appliances instead with white units? Either way, metro tiles WILL be happening as I think they are just so timeless, yet very now. Also a good quality wooden worktop is on the wish list, too.

Picture | Owl & the Elephant

As well as the Tango’d two seater sofa, I’d like a couple of really comfy, classic single chairs in the room too – and for me that means Ercol. Expensive, I know. Aargh! Saying that you can’t go wrong with IKEA’s Poang chairs and they have pretty patterned, removable covers too, so that would be a more affordable and practical option.

Picture: Pinterest

One thing I am NOT budging on AT ALL is a black and white Moroccan splash back.

I think it will work so well to break up the white metro tiles, the black or white units or appliances and will also complement all the other textures, too – the chunky wood dining table and worktops, plus a possible exposed brick wall and the colour-pop of the orange seating. Agree?

Picture | Pinterest

Another thing that may not pass the Mr. Husband test is the SMEG. Although to be fair, I actually don’t think a SMEG is big enough for us plus reviews are so hit and miss. Realistically, I think we’ll go for a double door fridge unit but this white one is so farking dreamy!

Picture | Pinterest

The final bit of detail that I’m LUSTING after are these gold bar stools, ha! Once again, I think the textures will all play nicely together – the velvet, the monochrome patterned tiles, the chunky wood and the Ghost chairs. I really reckon this last bit of midas touch will take this entire project to the finishing line. Plus it’s well fun, innit?

Winning or what? What do you think?

Any interior design folk out there, then please do say ‘Hi’ … I would love to hear from you.

And if you’ve had an extension, any pointers or advice would be gratefully received. Just comment below.



  • Go with the SMEG. I smile every time I open our one up to get milk. Just makes me happy cos’ it’s so pretty xxx

    • Haha! You would say that SMEG-owner 😉

      We’ve moved onto AGA’s now – I’ve seen a pale pink one!!!

      F.T. xoxo

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