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Just before the end of last year, Pantone (the colour giants) predicted that Ultra Violet would be the colour of 2018. I have a problem with this and it’s nothing to do with being an ex-smoker and the fact that the shade reminds me of a box of twenty Silk Cut!

Love the colour, but where is it? Pic:Pinterest
Purple reigns – but in spring? Pic: Pinterest

I mean, where is it?

It’s nearly April and I can’t find anything to suggest that this blue-based, regal shade of purple should be on my summer style wish list.

Pink is still, in my humble opinion, the winning shade.

Whether you refer to it as ‘millennial’ pink, cotton candy or prefer a stronger pop of punchy bubblegum; from a commercial point of view, pink is still the stronger contender for our wardrobes and our walls.

And it got me thinking…If only Ultra Violet could be diluted down…

I mean, seasonally it just seems too lavish, too rich and too opulent for this time of year where fashion cyclically goes down the softer pastel route.

Perhaps it’s purple peak will happen in autumn?

I can totally see that, as it flirts well with the flaming shades of fall and also for the party season too. I’d quite happily swop a L.B.D. for a silky Ultra Violet maxi dress or jumpsuit (but never a Silk Cut! Do they even exist anymore? I used to smoke 40 a day, FFS!)

Digressing. SORRY!

Now onto the reason for today’s blog post…

I reckon, what would be more wearable right now and less of a leap is if we watered down Ultra Violet into a lovely… lilac!

Plus, it kind of makes more sense, innit! Especially if you’ve been coveting soft pink over the last six years and your wardrobe/stationery/home looks like a pack of strawberry bonbons!

I for one, am guilty. Ever since Raf Simon for Jil Sander and THAT pink coat in 2012, I have been obsessed with the sugary, candy colour.

So, transitioning from marshmallow to parma violets, just seems more do-able, innit? (Totally figuratively speaking here. Like, who on earth even eats parma violets?!)

THAT Raf Simon’s coat for Jil Sander that spurred on all the pink that we still see today, IMHO (picture: Pinterest)
How to wear it?

The great thing is, whether you wear the soft or hard version of Ultra Violet, BOTH versions work really well with pops of yellow and turquoise or try teaming with crisp, cotton whites or my favourite is conker browns (think shoes/bags/belts) and tap into Alessandro Michele’s 70s Gucci vintage vibe.

What do you think? Wearable or too washed-out? Check out my lilac edit below…

Oasis Faux Leather Lucy Biker Jacket, £55 Now in the sale for £44

So whether it’s a crop top for the gym or an elegant stackable ring; a cross-body bag or biker, I’m really liking the way lilac looks…You?



  • I know exactly what you mean it’s not really a summer shade is it? I do quite like lilac in a print or accessory but if there’s too much of it I think it’s a really hard colour to wear!!! Love the article though I love a colour musing!!! X

    • Hi Vickie,
      You know me, I’m not about sticking to any fashion rules and I’m not saying we should all wear pastels in spring and dance with ribbons but UV has just been SO hyped up – but I really struggle to see it anywhere?!
      Plus, totally agree about lilac being a bit tricky to wear which is why I thought I’d edit a mixture of accessories as well as full length outfits, just to illustrate that it’s all about how you style it up, innit? Hahaha!
      FT xoxo

  • I’m with you on the conker or tan mix (as seen on the fab Zara cotton shirt picture) but the ultimate has to be with a khaki… makes me go…. ummmmm xx

    • OOOh yes, Roni! Khaki and lilac is the dream! It’s actually such a versatile shade. Goes with more than you think. Navy too!The list goes on… 😉
      FT xoxo

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