BHS have really come back with a bang! Recently, I wrote about how the brand has been resurrected from the high street graveyard and given a new lease of life. If you haven’t done so already, check out their lighting range for starters!

After being invited to preview their Spring/Summer 18 collection at the beginning of the year, I’ve been keeping a close eye on their ‘new in’ drops (they exclusively trade online only now at

There’s something really modern and minimalistic in the detail of their designs that totally appeals to me – and it’s affordable too.

‘Cause until I win the lottery, getting that luxury look for less, is where it’s at, innit!

So, when the brand approached me to do a Mother’s Day edit of my favourite pieces, I was a) already well versed in what was on offer as I’d been midnight scrolling in bed (not a euphemism) and b) thought it’d be a refreshing change to select a more timeless edit away from the more obvious and novelty Mother’s Day gifts that tend to be on offer.

In choosing a gift that can stand the test of time, or seamlessly fits into your current style and is also of use, is a much better way to shop, IMHO.

Of course there’s always something ridiculously cute when your child thrusts a chubby hand into your face on Mothering Sunday and presents you with a “Best Mummy” teddy bear or mug.  And as for the hand-made stuff, well that’s always priceless. This was from my daughter – she loves snacks. She’s so grateful. I’m glad!

Handwritten note for Mother's Day
“Thank you for my food.”

However, for this edit, I wanted to compile a gift guide that Mum’s would really want, appreciate and USE!

Presents that aren’t just pretty but practical too; still luxury-looking but less the lumpy price tag.

Plus. There’s also a chance to WIN my entire Mother’s Day edit too!

The entire haul is worth £200 which you could either gift to yourself (why not?) surprise your own Mum with or share it between the both of you.

For the chance to *win ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you see here, all you need to do is comment below on your favourite piece and your plans for Mother’s Day.

Good luck!

Circular Wooden Shelf Unit £30 | Fatima says: “Miniature cactus display, perfume collection or the ideal way to stylishly display all those the little hand-made gifts or mini items of sentimental value. This has to be one of my favourite pieces from”
Gold stemmed wine glass £10  Love the detail and it’s an inexpensive way to bring a bit of elegance to your table wear without going over the top.
Pink rose and hydrangea £15  While you can’t beat fresh flowers, more and more people are opting for faux plants and flowers purely for their no-maintenance.
Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion Cover £35 Grey goes with EVERYTHING and it’s surprising how just one corner cushion can totally switch a tired looking sofa. Game changer!
Narrow Edge Frame £6 The easiest gift idea on Mother’s Day is to unlock a photo and pop it into a stylish frame. Metallics like copper work wonderfully with both minimal and eclectic interiors.
Frill hem top and cropped pant pyjama set £20  What I love most about this ‘jama set is that it can easily be doubled up as lounge wear too. It’s not obviously sleep wear so you won’t feel lazy if you’re still in them at lunchtime – you’re just lounging around, innit!
Oska Plush Sheepskin Rug £40 The most expensive item in the edit, but there is something so INCREDIBLE about having a luxury rug right next to your bed. Also makes a great chair throw too. I adore the blush pink colour.
Set of three woven storage baskets £15 All any Mum asks is that you put your stuff away where it belongs. Assigning each person their own basket, popping it near the stairs, makes it easier come tidy-up time at the end of the day.
Large Baton Wall Clock £18 I can’t promise that this will get you to school or work on time but I can guarantee that it will look super stylish. You’re welcome.
Small Ombre Bud Vase £6 You’ll never have to put child-picked-flowers into a glass tumbler again thanks to this mini, narrow number. Looks so luxury than £6!

*Please read the The FT Times’ competition terms and conditions…

*Entry to this competition is free and is open to UK residents and The FT Times subscribers only aged 18 and over and excludes those professionally associated with The FT Times or the Promoter

*The competition starts at 12:01 am on 01/03/18 and closes at 12.01 on 07/03/18

*The Promoter’s decision on all matters is final and binding on all entrants

*The winner will be picked at random and notified by 6pm on 07/03/18

*All items as featured will be posted to the winner and in the event of stock unavailability, a gift voucher of the same value will be issued

*The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative

*The Promoter is, 15 St Botolph Street, London, EC3A 7BB


  • I love it all and also a proud fan of BHS! My favourite is the clock closely followed by the wall shelf… my sister and I are taking my mum to see Lady Windermere’s Fan for mother’s day-Jennifer Saunders is in it. What’s better than JS AND Oscar Wilde?! Carla xx

    • Thanks Carla. I love the shelf too, definitely my fave. They are out of stock at the moment but more will drop next week. Well done on organising what is bound to be a BRILLIANT Mother’s Day. FT xoxo

  • I love the Mongolian Sheepskin cushion cover, it’s lush and would look perfect in my Mum’s bedroom on her chair.
    I spending Mothers Day with my children, my Mum (of course ) and my Mother-in-law, ALL TOGETHER! I am so lucky to have a family that are all so close and get on so well. A lazy day at home with a home cooked meal, bliss. X

    • Great choice Vanessa. Your Mother’s Day plans sound YUMMY! Enjoy and good luck with the competition. FT xoxo

  • My favourite piece has to be the circular shelf unit (although would be nice to replace my original BHS gold stemmed glasses!). Since long before I became a Mum; and that’s 18 plus years gulp, I’ve collected perfume bottles. They have been holiday souvenirs, special occasion presents and even an antique ‘blow my redundancy money’ beauty!! Trouble is, my dressing table and bedside table are so full you can’t even find my actual perfume – especially without lenses in the morning….definitely the shelf for me and would even look great in the bedroom! Mothers Day?? Get up at 6.30, make breakfast/packed lunch for number 2 child. Put dinner on automatic and drive to Chiswick to sit in a canteen while she dances her little socks off till 4.30 then drive home, serve dinner, prepare for school tomorrow then collapse with glass of wine and snooze through The Crown until Hubble tells me to go to bed cos I’m snoring??It’s a life!!

    • I agree Cathy, the shelf is amazing. You can put so many things on it, books, perfumes, beauty bits – I’ve got some sentimental stuff on it at the moment -crystals, wedding toppers and cacti. LOVE IT! Haha! Your Mother’s Day plans sound hectic. Good luck with the competition and enjoy The Crown too, I thought it was AMAZING! FT xoxo

  • It has to be that awesome shelf doesn’t it? A new bathroom at home is screaming out to be accessorised with this very one!

  • I’m struggling to decide which is my favourite item!! I love the circular shelf, but I am middle of redecorating my bedroom and blush is one of the colours, I will have to choose the blush sheepskin. My mother’s day will begin with me phoning my mum and having a chat and wishing her a lovely day, she lives over 4hours away!! I will then relax in bed and wait for my teenagers to wake up! I will then have a lovely chilled out day, with ten cooking for me and enjoy my most favourite thing, family time, ?x

    • I reckon a lot of this edit will look great in your newly decorated room.
      Enjoy your Mother’s Day, I agree, family time is THE BEST!
      Good luck
      FT xoxo

  • Well I know already that the shelf would look fab in my living room but also, the wine glasses…..??‍♀️. They’re really lovely and given that ours are basically a mishmash of what’s ‘survived’ us and our friends, some stylish new ones would be ??????

  • Hi Fatima, I love the wine glasses! We don’t have a matching set and these would look so stylish to use instead of odd ones. I also love the Mongolian sheepskin cushion cover and the sheepskin rug. They are lovely. Mother’s Day I will spend most of the day with my husband and children, just relaxing, then I have a baby shower to go to. A day of celebration!

    • The vino glasses are very popular, as are the sheepskin pieces. So glad you love them. Good luck with the competition and your Mother’s Day plans sound perfect. Enjoy. FT xoxo

  • Shelf is so lovely, but actually the ombre vase is gorgeous! Am loving the re-booted BHS homeware; patiently waiting for their Terrazzo bedding to come back in stock – attempting a brave step away from white and grey for a change. Mother’s Day for me will be spent on football maw duties for my two boys… Though it might be building a snowman if the weather continues!

    • Yes to the ombre vase – isn’t is amazing! Looks so much more expensive than £6! So happy you love the new – I think it’s a great re-boot, as you say. There’s lots more to come, so keep checking in. Keep warm and good luck with the competition. FT xoxo

  • My favourite is the plush sheepskin rug, it’s just lovely! My plans for Mothers Day so far is to treat my precious mum and take her out for lunch. Followed by a walk around Attingham Park. Thanks for the opportunity to enter x

    • It’s so lush – you will not be disappointed. Your Mother’s Day plans sound fantastic. Enjoy and good luck with the competition FT xoxo

  • Absolutely has to be the Sheepskin rug! In blush as well ??? It would be perfect in my bedroom ?

    • I love having sheepskin by the side of the bed. It’s so delicious on your bare feet, first thing and last thing at night. Good luck and thanks for entering. FT xoxo

  • Wow! That sheepskin rug is perfection! What a fab edit! Some truly gorgeous pieces! I’ll be spending my mother’s day at work on the neonatal unit looking after all the little babies that arrive too soon or too poorly to be at home with their mummies! It makes me appreciate going home to my own (not-so-Little) babies at the end of the day all the more. x

  • The wine glasses are stunning! ?I am hoping this tired mama will be treated to a special champagne brunch. Fingers crossed!! Although I will be equally happy to have Sunday lunch, followed by chilling out on the sofa watching a movie with those cosy pjs on and sipping my fav rose in that beautiful wine glass. ??

  • Wow….without doubt I’m swooning over the shelf too! (Unreal) for mother’s day… I’ll be raising a hot cuppa in bed first thing to my momma above. Followed by snuggles with my son… I’ve then been treated to a couple of nights in Edinburgh…
    Hope you have a good one xxx

    • Aahhh, love ya girl! My Daddy is up with the stars too, so I hear you with sending love up above, especially on these days. Good luck with the competition and BIG HUGS. FT xoxo

  • I love the small ombré bud vase. So cute and pretty colours. Mother’s Day I will be enjoying my children’s company, eating delicious food and going out somewhere fun, no idea where that will be yet! Xx

    • Love the vase too, Janine. SO PRETTY! There was a matching mug too but I think it’s out of stock currently and side plates to match. Have a lookie. Your Mother’s Day sounds perfect, where ever you go. Good luck. FT xoxo

    • All I want is a lie in too, Sarah! Great choices, good luck with the competition and thanks for entering. FT xoxo

  • I love few things , but my fav is the shelve.
    With regards to plans , unfortunately my mum lives in another country and we celebrate mother’s day in May ? with regards to my Mother Day plans my little one is only 5 so he is not planing much ? and when you are a single parent with such a young child Mothers Day is same as any other day ? on a positive note , he is growing so the hope is there ?x

    • The shelf is getting a lot of love, Iwona.
      I have so much respect for any single parent.
      You take on both roles and it can be tough but the result is the strongest bond that can and never will break. I know EXACTLY what you mean.*hugs
      Teach him how to make you tea. I know the first time N knew how to do it, it was THE BEST FEELING EVER!
      FT xoxo

  • Like it all but the favourite is the shelf! Hopefully just resting with lots of cuddles from and to the kids on mother’s day ?

  • Love pleased they are back! Fab edit always hard to choose a favourite but love the clock and the baskets would so handy in my bathroom and they look stylish!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all I shall be spoiling my
    Mum with a nice lunch out.

    • I love the baskets – so versatile. Enjoy your Mother’s Day with your Mama, Jenna. Thanks for entering and good luck
      FT xoxo

  • I like them all, but I would choose the picture frame & wine glass so I could raise a toast to my mum who is no longer with us whist looking at a very special picture of her in the frame ❤️ Xx

    • Aaaw Donna. That’s a beautiful comment. Much love to you. I know Mother’s Day can be really hard for those whose Mama’s are sailing with the stars (it’s Father’s Day that hits me hard) but we’ll keep on making them all proud, yeah?
      Thanks for entering and good luck lovely.

      FT xoxo

  • Completely and utterly in love with that beautiful sheepskin rug!! Although to be honest, all of it is rather fabulous! What a beautiful edit! I’ll be spending my mother’s day at work, on the neonatal unit, looking after babies that arrived too early or too poorly to be at home with their mummies, before heading home for snuggles with my two (not so little) babies!

    • Oh wow, Sophia. HERO!
      Thank you for entering the competition. There’s some fabulous stuff, I agree.
      Good luck!
      FT xoxo

      • Wow! Now that is amazing! How lovely! Have you been before. I went many years ago and got kicked out of the Vatican for wearing a vest top and also the fact that my Mum tried to push me up a statue to video the Pope taking mass haha!
        Enjoy and good luck!
        FT xoxo

    • And my mother’s day will be spent with my 3 lovely children and husband with a meal out in the afternoon ?

  • I love the rug, the shelves and the vase. (I love it all). I’m so pleased they’ve made a comeback. They were a high street favourite . I loved their lighting section. I remember we always used to eat in the restaurant as children with my mum and I would always have a banana milkshake!
    This Mother’s Day, we will be hosting everyone at our house like we do every year then a long dog walk. Can’t forget the fur babies in our celebrations can we lol! X

    • That’s amazing! You sound like a PROPER Bhs fangirl – nice one!
      I too LOVED their lighting, I am so happy they are back. Wait til you see the fashion stuff…
      Good luck and of course, the fur babies are alwasy part of the fam!
      FT xoxo

  • I’m going on holiday with some friends (my mum doesn’t mind) but going out for dinner with mum on the Saturday night! I love the photo frame and the clock – match my living room decor perfectly!

    • OOhh sounds fun and I love how you’re already in scheme with the collection. Good luck and thanks for entering.

      FT xoxo

  • Great stuff there. Especially love the rug it would go great in my bedroom.
    I’m not sure what I’m doing Mother’s day but I’m out in the Saturday night partying so I’m guessing it won’t be much.

  • I love that circular wooden shelf, contemporary and neutral it would go so well in my Mum’s Scandi inspired open and airy living room. Spending Mother’s Day this year at home with two young adult children, one of whom is coming back from uni especially for the weekend. We will more than likely eat at home but they are good about doing a lovely breakfast table between them. My own Mum is having a visit from us in the next couple of weeks when we will be celebrating a belated Mothers Day and my Dad’s 80th.

    • The shelf is SO popular – it’s a beauty and so versatile!
      Enjoy your Mother’s Day and birthday wishes to your Dad.
      Enjoy and good luck!

      FT xoxo

  • The large baton wall clock is my favourite ? It is so stylish and I love its simplicity ? For mothers’s day I am going out to lunch with my for beautiful children and will hopefully be brought lots of cups of tea throughout the day xx

  • My goodness! Love, love, love the shelves but also the cushion and the rug. My Mother’s Day will be spent taking the 1st born to a 5th Birthday party before returning to the ball-and-chain and the little man for some food i’ve not had to cook myself…..I hope!

    • It’s a great collection, I agree. Your Mother’s Day will be rewarded with some great grub, I am sure! Good luck and thanks for entering!
      FT xoxo

  • Well I seem to have a thing for fake flowers – so my pick would be the Pink rose and hydrangea – lush – and more than one! I also saw the gold stem glasses and as a boring lady who loves clear glass to see the drink I think a touch of luxe with gold is amazing – such a nice gift without breaking the bank!

    • Faux flowers are really popular these day. I geddit – low maintenance and affordable, I still love fresh ones though, but these are great to decorate a book case or window sill…
      The wine glasses are beautiful. Great choice.

      FT xoxo

  • I love the Pyjamas so cute to snuggle up with my boys. We are having a quiet day in together, hoping they are go8 g to bring me breakfast in bed.

  • Mother’s Day filled with mixed emotions really although I still buy my mum a card every year. I don’t know why! I’m going out for lunch with some other mums who fly solo like me and we buy gifts for each other from our kids… it’s a bit like secret santa. So after mass and lunch I’ll be needing some vino out of a gorgeous wine glass and I love those gold stems; fit for queen mama!

    • Bless you Catherine. I still buy Dad cards too. I don’t think I will ever stop…
      I LOVE the sound of your Mother’s Day – such a great, GREAT idea!
      You are most definitely a MAMA QUEEN, Catherine.
      Good luck!
      FT xoxo

  • Love rug, and the shelf… and the clock!
    My Mother’s Day will be brunch at Espressini followed by a walk at Glendurgan Gardens

    • AAAAHHH! My fav’ place. Es-pre-ssini 😉

      I did the tacos brekkie last time – AMAZING!!!!

      Enjoy and good luck, lovely!

      FT xoxo

  • Such a gorgeous edit, my favourite is the frame, my New Year’s resolution is to print actual photos and not just leave them on my computer! ❤️

    • Mine too! OMG, I just this minute was looking for voucher codes for photobox! I must set those photos free, too!!!!
      Thanks for entering and good luck!

      FT xoxo

  • I can literally feel my feet on that gorgeous sheepskin rug (channeling visualising skills)! And that colour, it’s so cute. I would definitely put it in our closet (not to hide! we have a little room (not a fancy one) for our clothes and shoes etc.) We currently have one in a white/cream next to our bed which the cat has ripped chunks off so you can see the hide at the bottom (cheeky bugger!)
    I hope you have a special Mother’s Day =) We’ll be taking Mum out to Giggling Squid in Esher. If you love Thai, and you’ve never been, I strongly recommend you try it sometime! IT’S YUMMY!!! Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday … ooh! and Happy International Woman’s Day for Thurs! x

    • You sound like you have a dreamy closet!!! Very jel 😉
      Our cat loves to paw on our sheepskin cushions, thankfully he’s not mauled them…yet!
      Thanks for the local recommendation – sounds lush!
      Thanks for entering and good luck
      FT xoxo

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