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“Now we’re sharing the same dream (uh-huh) And our hearts just beat as one. No more love on the run. Customising queen!”

SORRY!!!! *puts on serious face

When recently asked to describe my style in one sentence, my response was that I was drawn to the different. Which is probably why, I’ve got a thing about customised clothing, innit! And it’s the reason I’m writing this blog post about the beautiful, boutique label, MRS LANG.

For me, customised clothing is the ultimate style rule-breaker.

It brings together different elements and eras, textures and trends in order to recreate something so spectacularly eclectic, indie and unique. Plus let’s not forget, in a world of fast fashion, it’s always good to slow things down and re-work wherever we can, right?

With its contemporary twist on camouflage and denim jackets (and as photographed here) vintage velvet blazers too, MRS LANG is a label you need to know if you’re looking for an investment, outerwear piece that will truly stand-out from the puffer jacket pack.

MRS LANG ‘The Freya’ jacket. Vintage grey velvet with sports luxe stripe, fringed epaulettes and diamanté rosette, £150

Rosettes and ribbons, appliqués and antique embellishments (the Japanese silk used in the collection date back to the 50s and 60s) are all signature details to this handcrafted label that specialise in sourcing vintage jackets and military wear, recreating them into unique original womenswear pieces.

Roni Lang, the designer and creator behind the brand says:

“My coats and jackets fuse elements of east meets west, casual with glamour, intelligence with style.”

With a running narrative of inspiration and respect for antique silks alongside utility fabrics, the essence to MRS LANG is about being inspired by trends, rather than being led by them, Roni adds: “It’s about taking on something casual and giving it a feeling of luxury, a sense of grandeur; with a modern edge.”

Already with a wide demographic appeal, Roni (who used to be the womenswear design co-ordinator at Next) is keen for her label to encompass all ages. She says:

“I believe that style has no age.”

Handcrafted in a 17th Century workspace in West Malling, Kent you can view more MRS LANG styles over on her Instagram account mrs_lang1 plus there’s a totally bespoke service too if you’re looking for something really unique and one-of-a-kind.

Something extra…

Updating and breathing new life into existing items in our wardrobe is something we can ALL do, innit? I know we’re all a bit “where’s the faarrking time-shop” these days but any excuse to go into Liberty London and gently browse their haberdashery department for even just 20 minutes is good enough for me, ha! (That and their stationery hall are my utter credit card downfall!)

I’ve been rocking this Missguided coat for a good couple of years now but slowly and surely all the buttons have fallen off – except one!

Missguided coat, £60 SOLD OUT but for a similar style, click here

Rather than buy a new set of four, I went for non-matching silver buttons instead. REBEL!

Liberty London Haberdashery | Buttons from £1.70 each | Polycotton thread £1.95 | Merchant & Mills Beeswax £4.95

Now get this, I was also given some brilliant advice when in there about sewing buttons – use beeswax (run it along the cotton) as it’ll reinforce the thread and to also use a poly-cotton for extra durability too.

Who knew? I didn’t. Good evening, friend Brownie but you did not teach me that.

Ooh, and while I had the sewing box out (it’s never been touched since the eldest left scouts three years ago) you’ll be pleased to know that I also FINALLY hemmed up said teenage son’s school trousers that were hanging up in the front room for about two months and the second borns cuddly toy finally got her five minutes on the O.R. sewing table, too. Aaah! Nothing like ticking things off your to-do list, eh? Winning, innit!

BEFORE. One silver button, hanging on the coat. One silver button, hanging on the coat. And if one silver button, should accidentally fall…
AFTER: And then there were four! Sorry this pic is a bit blurry. Clearly couldn’t contain my excitement, innit!

What do you think? Isn’t MRS LANG amazing? I’m truly excited about this label.

Look out for another blog post coming soon on their camouflage shirt jackets too – or SHACKETS (!) as I recently read somewhere… (*eyeroll* who makes this stuff up, eh? Actually, to be fair, when I used to work on magazines, it was probably me, ha!)

And what about my super sewing skills? Did you like how I breathed-button-life-back into my boring (but very classic) blazer coat? Shall I sew some on for you? I’ve got enough tailors wax to re-sew buttons on an entire secondary schools worth of blazers. (Don’t. Even. Think. About. It!)

Aaah, but thank you for reading and if you’re on Instagram there’s a brilliant competition to win one of these amazing MRS LANG Freya velvet jackets worth £150, so head over there now for more details on how to enter.

Good luck.



    • There’s a competition to win one on my Instagram page Melanie, or if you DM Mrs Lang from her Instagram, she will take your order. SHE IS ACE! FT xoxo

  • I knew about poly cotton but the beeswax is a new one on me. Most things I’ve bought from ASOS seem to have terminal button-tumble issues so I’ll try that out! PS Zach’s in Beavers so I have many years of badge sewing ahead of me yet…

    • Hey Nic. Aaah, those days are done for me, now. It’s all about GCSE options over here and thankfully, that involves zero sewing.
      Yeah, the Beeswax is a great extra to reinforce the thread. Just don’t do what I did and have a REALLY long piece of poly cotton. It gets a little tacky so can get clogged as you’re running a stitch through. Keep to a manageable length. (WHO HAVE I BECOME?????) HA! FT xoxo

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