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In a world where there are many, many things to be worried about, my frozen ankles, weirdly seem to be a real cause for concern. If I had a fiver for every time I was asked “Aren’t your feet freezing?” I would happily be sliding them into a box-fresh pair of gold Gucci Marmont loafers by now. Wishful thinking, innit?!

Gucci Marmont Fringed Metallic Cracked-Leather Pumps, £585, Net a Porter

Nah seriously – the worry is real! Mainly, it comes from Mr Husband who just eye-rolls at my sartorial understanding of the words ‘practical’ and ‘waterproof’. It’s a far cry from his definition, as he layers himself up in his The North Face fleece, Thinsulate beanie and zips up his Finisterre jacket as he proudly wangs on about there being no such thing as bad weather, just bad dressing.

He’s actually bang on to wang on – but come on, I’m a stubborn Leo, innit! *Puts on ripped jeans, lightweight duster coat and a pair of pumps, even in winter!

And recently too, there’s also been a flurry of “Your feet must be FREEZING!” messages via Instagram anytime I post a #schoolrunstyle picture in my Stories. Then when I arrive at the school gate, the sight of my bare ankles in a pair of ballet pumps or midi heels in the bleak mid winter is often met with a…

“Faaaarrrk! Your poor feet, F.T!”

Without sounding like I’m on the defensive, I honestly don’t feel the cold – or at least I’ve convinced myself in the name of pretty shoes that my priorities lie with them and not the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the concern and I truly love a sheep-skin lined boot as much as you do! And while I’m totally on board with Team Socks & Shoes, let’s be honest, this IS a tricky look to get right.

GAH! What can I say?

I just LOVE throwing a bare foot into a beautiful shoe!

And if you don’t believe me, then I’m sharing with you my favourite feet treats that I’ve currently got my eye on. From an affordable pair of what I can actually call ‘flesh’ coloured pumps (YASSSSSSS!) to the salivate-’cause-they’re-so-stylish designer slingbacks…

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Let me know what made you dribble…



(*15, if you include the Gucci Marmont’s above)

Marc Jacobs Abbey Crystal Embellished Glitter Brocade Slingback Pumps, £340, Net a Porter


    • It’s so funny how this is clearly a Marmite thing – and even more weirdly – when I’m at home, indoors I’m in my sheep skin boots haha! Go figure haha! FT xoxo

  • This made me giggle. I’ve had the same thought about your potentially ice cold ankles… just didn’t think people would comment ?? ? Pretty sure I typed in the comment “aren’t your feet cold!!” Then deleted it thinking maybe you rocked some amazing flesh coloured tights.
    In fact your bare ankles inspired me to wear my favourite mustard block heels to work once. Having to walk around In London though….. in the Winter?! Never againnnn!!! I couldn’t feel ANY of my phalanges down there ?

    For lent I’ve given up shopping unless needed essentials of course but those Tan Next Courts, Clark’s Imali (?) and those Pink vagabond loafers… ARGHHHH FT they’re giving me all the feels. Fighting temptation is real!!!

    • Hi Rachel! Oh I’m giggling right backatcha! It is funny how my ankles have become a bit of a concern which is sooo sweet haha – and I love how you commented then deleted! Lol! No flesh coloured tights at all – loathe tights unless they’re black and an extra extra large – I just don’t find them comfy. Well done on giving up the shopping for Lent – it’s definitely worth slowing down here and there. If anything, it makes you shop better and more thoughtfully in the long run. Even when I did no spend September, I didn’t then splash out on anything and everything. There was more consideration for sure in the the items I went on to purchase. Keep going. But I hear you, the temptation is REAL. FT xoxo

  • Such lovely choices of footwear here FT. But I get what you’re saying, I also hear the cries “aren’t your legs freeezing?!”
    Well yes they bloody are as a matter of fact but it’s just for the photo I say, it’s IG not IRL!!!?

    • Haha! Yes, for pretty pictures and also for IRL too love! I swear I just don’t feel the cold down there. Not ‘there’ but ‘there’ hahahaha! FT xoxo

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