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It’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day and I have this theory I want to share. When it comes to gifts, you have one of two simple choices – be honest or lie.

So, if you exchange surprise presents, then I’d start mastering the art of hiding your sense of disappointment, quick! Don’t get me wrong, surprises can go wonderfully well. One year I had a trip to Barca’ the other, a ribbon-tied Dawes Duchess bicycle waiting on the drive.

Just be prepared though…you may get a Brita Water Filter Jug one year. Just sayin’!

The other choice is to simply be honest and when I say that, I mean literally WhatsApp the link(s)! Whoever said romance was dead, was a little bit right, ha!

Mr. Husband and I are definitely at the stage now where we discuss things we want and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know about my love for fabulous lighting.

I’ve been hinting to Mr. Husband about getting a neon bag&bones light for a few years now. They’re MEGA lush but also MEGA expensive, gah! So you can imagine my ‘WATT THE?’ (sorry!) moment when I saw this ‘love’ light from Debenhams – and for under £90. (I’m 40 – I get excited over things like lights, innit!)

So, if you’re after a more practical gift or looking for something unapologetically pretty, I’ve rounded up a little fool-proof Valentines’s Day gift guide. Whether you’re a mean chef or looking to inject some colour-pop to your winter wardrobe, hopefully it’ll give you some ideas that’ll tickle your fancy… (Not a euphemism!)

Happy Shopping, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Another Day on the Planet, people.


‘LED ‘love’ table lamp, £85 (gift)

Mood Navy Pearl Drop Earrings, £10


All items from Debenhams

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