Let’s get one thing straight – me not spending money on clothes until spring has NOTHING to do with January and everything to do with the fact that I have too many clothes and too little cash.

I’ve just written a blog post about why I’m starting to learn to love January – despite its constant, seasonal rhetoric that expects us stop doing or start doing stuff. The secret, in my opinion, is to basically IGNORE all this constant, seasonal rhetoric that expects you to start doing or stop doing stuff! Go and have a read, then you’ll see why it’d be rubbish of me to back track with this post, innit?

Yes, alright I did give my wardrobe a bit of a tidy the other week, but it wasn’t an intentional ‘detox’.

I told you, I don’t agree with January’s pushy COLONIC EVERYTHING IN SIGHT vibe.

It was because of…

a) DENIAL. I’ll do anything to avoid sorting out my tax returns. FACT!

b) WORK. I had a styling job to prep for, so I wanted to see if there were any useful bits I could add to my edit.

In so doing this very, very, VERY laborious task; that often takes a whole day with the entire process resembling a crime scene minus the police tape, I sat back in utter shock at how much I actually had. (First world problems, right here.)

Sounds familiar, right?

I think this every time I have a wardrobe clear-out, closely followed by a promise to buy less, wear a more timeless edit made up of classics and staples and not to buy so easily into ‘trends’…

WHO AM I KIDDING? Sorting through I found an unworn bright white jumpsuit from ASOS, emblazoned with Hungarian-style floral embroidery and a pair of TK Maxx embellished sliders!

Of course fashion is fun – why else did I pester my parents for Fashion Wheel back in the 80s?

But as I mentioned earlier, a real need to tighten those purse strings after taking a bit of a career break last year, means that no spend ’til spring is more of a necessity, than anything else.

And that’s OK! I did it in September last year, after seeing one of my ex-magazine colleagues and now author extraordinaire Daisy Buchanan, joining in on Instagram’s hashtag #nospendseptember.

Albeit a bit tricky to start but once I got going, it was actually good fun putting outfits together and falling back in love with stuff you forgot you had. I’ve popped some of my favourite looks from last years challenge here for you alongside a check list of items that will really serve you well.


This one is from Topshop Unique and is about a decade old now, maybe more… Team with an oversized, blanket scarf and EVERYTHING you own. So versatile.


I LOVE my Fat Face dungarees and I’ve said it before, Topshop’s Baxter jeans are THE BEST on the high street. Sadly, they’ve changed the fit and fabric now, but your best pair will become your wardrobe bestie.


From floor sweepers (most of my wardrobe is a H&M maxi or midi dress) to shorter shift styles, don’t save those frocks for summer – layer up now with thermals, roll necks, tights and boots.


You’ll have similar stuff in your wardrobe that falls perfectly into this category. For me, it’s these really old River Island boots (maybe eight years old now!) which are the best Chloe-inspired ones to date, in my opinion. Plus who remembers this Gap scarf? I had the matching jumper too but can’t seem to find it, gah!

There is of course the ethical side to shopping more consciously, which will only further spur me on with this challenge. Wherever possible, I do think we should ALL try and rewear, reuse and recycle.

Plus, when the new seasons styles do start to drop, it’ll be like wine on a Friday evening after a stressful  but satisfying week. Not to say that I’ll go bat shit shopping once our social media feeds are full of blossom and the promise of spring. After #nospendSeptember, I didn’t actually feel the need to blow out and buy everything in sight. Funny that, innit?

I’ll be showcasing my outfits over on Instagram so you can track my progress by following me at the_ft_times and if you fancy joining in, please do and let me know. We can talk each other out of temptation if needs be; although for me, I think my overdraft might have the final say. HA!



  • Oh God yeah, it’s like a treasure trove back there! I need to do this no spend til the end…of the year! Hahahaha cough, cough, splutter…as if 😉

    • Since posting this a few people have said that they are doing it for the YEAR! I mean kudos, man. That is MEGA! I definitely couldn’t do it for THAT LONG. I still have yet to define when spring is though?….1st April? Easter? FT xoxo

  • It is crazeeeeee how much stuff we accumulate and then forget what we have!
    Think I should to go through my wardrobe, you’ve inspired me…still haven’t done my Tax Returns yet – arrggghhhhhhhhh!!

    • Yeah, we say it all the time, right. But I really NEED to curb the shopping until spring.Good luck with the wardrobe tidy and the dreaded Tax Returns too. It’s such a BALL ACHE, innit!
      FT xoxo

  • Can I please buy that h&m floral dress for My mom as a gift? Thanks name your price its older now 🙂 Thanks
    You are Very pretty and I think u look amazing I jeans x

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