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Pardon me for stating the obvious but FML, Christmas is properly creeping up now, innit? While jewellery gifts tend to be the sturdy, seasonal heavyweight, it’s still so easy to spectacularly F this one up!

Which is why I thought I’d introduce my latest favourites to hopefully give you some ideas. They all get my stylish seal of approval, plus there’s something to suit all budgets too. WICKED! Let’s go girls!

The Maria Tash concession in Liberty London

Let’s start with the most expensive, innit!

I’d been coveting a piece of Maria Tash jewellery ever since they opened the permanent concession in Liberty back in summer ’16. Maria’s piercing spa in New York was already a hit with the celebrity and fashion circuit and after two decades designing fine jewellery, it’s safe to say that Tash is truly worth the splash! Looking for something that’s understated yet instantly recognisable? Then M.T. is the ticket.

I was SO FRICKIN’ LUCKY that my girlfriends clubbed together to buy mine as a 40th birthday present!

With the ‘intel’ that I wanted to officially mark the beginning of my mid-life crisis with a piercing of some sort, they’re the reason why I now have this awesome tragus stud.

Vouchers in hand and all set to get pierced
Loving my new diamond tragus piercing

At first, I was sold on getting a nose piercing – but I get bad colds and sores sometimes, especially in winter. Plus, I couldn’t quite get my head around the idea of how you’re supposed to blow your hooter when the piercing is still fresh and healing? I stuck one of my daughters Frozen ‘earring stickers’ on the side of my nose one day and pottered around the house to see if a nose stud was for me. Unfortunately, glitter Olaf didn’t quite cut it – hence hurting my tragus instead.

But easing the pain came in the form of a stunning 1.5mm 18ct diamond stud

Totally worth it and compared to the time when I had my eyebrows micro bladed, I can honestly report that this time, it really didn’t hurt.


• Book in advance but they do accept walk-in appointments

• Even with a booked appointment, the wait can be long. I waited over 45 mins

• Do email them if you can’t see what you want online at Liberty

• I really wanted something micro in size and I found that their correspondence was great over email. They shipped my diamond in and contacted me when it had arrived in store

• Depending on what you get pierced, it will take time to heal. Buy the after-care spray they recommend and USE IT! My tragus healed so quickly (2 months which is fairly good going) compared to an ear piercing I had done elsewhere a few years back where the morning after, I woke up with ears like Dumbo!

There’s a lot to be said for GOOD quality jewellery and with Maria Tash, that’s exactly what you’ll get.


It’s not cheap but I like to think for an extra special gift or to mark a big occasion it makes the perfect pick. For my tragus piercing, jewellery and aftercare, the total was £220.

Brooches by Jennifer Loiselle at The Collective Boutique PHOTO: Emma Gutteridge

I was first introduced to this brand when I attended the West Eleven pop-up event in Belgravia, London last month. Here they showcased lots of amazing independent lifestyle and fashion brands including the Brighton based jewellery emporium, The Collective Boutique. It’s founder is Hanna Nicholson and what she doesn’t know about accessories, ain’t probably worth knowing!

If you’re looking for fun, interesting yet classic but modern pieces then this is where you need to head

Prices range from £18 to £145 so there’s something to suit all overdraft limits. My favourite bits currently on the site include this lucky cat pendant by Rosita Bonita. It’s under £20! BARGAIN!

Perfect packaging

Whenever I can, I will always try and buy smaller brands. I’m not going to be a hypocrite here, you all know I’m a HENNES girl, right? (I actually used to be Saturday girl back when I was doing my A-levels, hence still calling it Hennes. *Adopts Disney witch voice* In those days  the Visual Merchandiser would have to WRITE the signs in what was the ‘Hennes font’ with these huge, black marker pens – anyone remember that? Yep, they were ALL handwritten. Can you imagine that now?)

Digressing. Again. Sorry!

Point is, I have a LOT OF LOVE professionally and personally for The High Street. It’s incredible – but of late (again with the turning 40 thing) I made a decision to try and tread more carefully on this planet.

Slow fashion, trying to buy less and where possible, opting for independents. It’s not for everyone, I know, but this is why I love The Collective Boutique – Hanna makes things easier by rounding up such a strong edit of go-to indie accessories brands.

So if you’re looking for something a little bit different, with a cracking designer story behind it, then head on over and have a gander. It’s rather addictive and I’m warning you now, you may be stuck there for a while…

3. NU & MII
Sisters, Anoushka & Mimi, founders of Nu & Mii

Last and most definitely not least is this brand-spanking-new collection, Nu & Mii. I recently posted on my Instagram about the two talented sisters behind the brand after meeting them at a press event where they were showcasing their debut collection.

Here’s the back ground… so you know Annie Haak? You’ve probably heard of her jewellery line Annie Haak Designs which has been around since 2009. Her range encapsulates a bohemian, free-spirited and artisan vibe that all started when she designed a guardian angel charm for comfort during personal troubled times.

Since then, Annie has gone on to build one of the fastest growing jewellery manufacturers and retailers that prides itself on creating meaningful pieces – many of which are designed to support or protect the wearer – just as that original charm did for her.

And now, Annie’s two daughters are following in her footsteps with an exciting new debut range

Anoushka and Naomi’s (Mimi) self-titled collection has currently dropped on their Mum’s website but look out for their own which is due to launch early next year.

I loved EVERYTHING about the brand from the moment I saw it. From the actual pieces to the campaign imagery. Sounds wanky, but true. I’ve been introduced to tons of brands over the years working as a Fashion Editor but only a select few are truly remembered and in my opinion, that’s got a lot to do with the people behind the name, innit?!


Fine and delicate jewellery has been popular for a few years now and while a lot of Nu & Mii follows this trend there’s also something incredibly ‘now’ and ‘edgy’, dare I say, about the collection.

It’s delicate & gentle but with a bit of a bite

Here, I’m wearing the chain drop earrings in silver and the tusk bangle which were gifted to me. Easy to wear every day, they are stylish and understated but with the right amount of edge and more importantly, I just love anything that involves telling people a bit of a back story when they ask me where something is from and with this brand, I’ll happily bang on about it for hours!

Which I won’t of course because we’ve all got very busy lives, INNIT?

I do hope you’ve seen a few things that you like? Let me know. As always, I really love to hear from you so drop me a comment below, feel free to ask any questions and Happy Hinting *wink



    • Hi Shelley. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You’re right, that tusk bracelet is gorgeous. I’ve had so many comments about it when I wear it. I like to wear it over the cuffs of my jumper too, for something a bit different. Hope Santa brings you everything you’ve wished for… FT xoxo

    • Yup! I really wanted to offer a concise but varied mini guide to the bling that you can buy. Thanks for your feedback lovely FT xoxo

    • That half-moon ring is SO gorgeous, isn’t it? I want it too haha! Thank you for stopping by Tracie. Haver a great weekend FT xoxo

    • They truly are stunning pieces. Totally timeless and yet very now. So glad you love RiRi. Thanks for stopping by. F.T. xoxo

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