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We’ve all got so much to say these days, innit! And slogan style is the perfect way to get things off your chest. From a tote to a tee, if you want to be heard, start shouting your sartorial socks off! Here are my three favourite buys. WORD!


When aid organisation, asked designer Katharine Hamnett to switch up her iconic CHOOSE LIFE slogan T-shirt into CHOOSE LOVE, it was a gentle yet powerful reminder how this simple action is needed now, more than ever.

The troubled world we live in today makes me feel so heavy hearted. I am shocked, I am saddened and I am sickened by the hardships that some human beings have to suffer on a daily basis.

Not a single day goes by without me feeling  frustrated that I cannot help heal this planet…

When I feel this helpless, it becomes hard to believe how we can truly make a difference. And I know that it sounds so bloody trite to say “Well, just buy this cool charity tee and do your little bit.” *tick

But you don’t have to let it stop there. For me, this slogan top reminds and reassures me as a parent, as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, as a friend, as a human being on this planet, that I always have that choice.

To choose hate or love?

Challenging us to rethink our choices – even during the most turbulent times –  these words encourage us to keep on nurturing hope in ourselves, in our children and in our communities. A slogan top or a call to action to create the kind of world we want future generations to live in?

You choose.


Let’s be honest, when it comes to actually biggin’ ourselves up, us Mama’s can be THE WORST! Which is why I ended up doing a full circle and bought this slogan tote bag FOR. MY. ACTUAL. SELF. from the uber cool, KemiKids.

Mum-of-two, Yvonne Telford is the genius behind this brand and this bag. She’s not shy to shout from the rooftops how amazing us Mum’s are – and she’s right to!

You see, we’re just not not very good at congratulating ourselves on Motherhood. If like me, you tend to wait for praise to come from elsewhere before you actually believe that you’re totally nailing it everyday as a Mama Queen. Then there’s also this tide of ‘winging-it-wine-o-clock-slummy-Mummies’ which, I know, are all in fact positive ways of representing modern Motherhood – it’s just the haters that like to spin this so that we’re made to look like smelly, incapable gin-drunk-mums.

And yes, on some days it does feel chaotic and on those days, I can totally understand why Miss Hannigan was a raging drunk!

But seriously, we’re not drunks FFS and we need to give ourselves a bloody break! Because, guess what? I know that you’ll get Christmas sorted and you’ll find that school tie in the morning, just in time too. You will also manage sleep on approximately 10cm of bed space and quite frankly,  I don’t care that it’s not very British to pat ourselves on the back, but dyaknowwhat? YOU SHOULD! You’re bloody amazing. Be totally proud and now find a mirror and repeat out loud, “Mama Queen!” YASSSSSS!

Sweater £28 Adolescent Clothing at

Girls, girls, girls…Boy, do we know how to bitch! Boy, do we know how to back-stab and boy, do we know how to hurt each other, right?

Now, I’m not a believer in excusing this behaviour because of my sex.

C’mon! We’re not built to be bitchy, we’ve learnt to behave like this!

Obviously, this is totally my non-professional-I-watched-a-lot-of-Oprah-opinion, but I reckon it’s usually stemmed from feeling insecure as a youngster or being misunderstood. All children – boys and girls – experience it. And when you’re so young, perhaps that lack of emotional maturity means that in order to ‘survive’ – whether that’s navigating friendship groups, sussing out the sibling rivalry thing or just making your little voice heard – you’ll end  up doing whatever it takes. Your only goal is to be acknowledged, protect yourself from being hurt and not have your toast cut into triangles when you really wanted squares! According to Mr Husband, this isn’t ‘bad’ behaviour – and I totally agree. His advice, as with most things, is to recognise the behaviour and counteract it with understanding, reassurance, patience and love. It’s tough, I know, especially when you’ve only had 10cm of a mattress to sleep on the night before!

But left to manifest, as adults, THAT’S when it can all go a bit shit-shaped, right?

And we can all fall into this trap from time to time. I’m guilty, your honour. That’s when I have to remind myself that ‘I have a life that’s good’ (Thanks, Ms Rayna James from Nashville Season 2!) I am so fortunate that I have choices and because of that I have built a mega life for me and my family. I have options and opportunities which I wouldn’t have had, had I been born, say 30 years earlier or even denied of today, had I been born on a different part of this planet.

Live your best life and let others do that too. And let’s help each other along the way, innit!

(Plus, I’m also in LOVE with the pale pink and red slogan colour combo also!)


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  • Having born the wrath of bitchy girls all my life until my early 20s I sing this message to the heavens: support each other ladies don’t tear each other down! Great post – thanks x

  • I really enjoyed the blog, after what has been a turbulent week in our household it was just the ticket. Thank you x

    • Ah Laura, that is SO kind of you to say and I am beyond touched that this post could offer a little light and love during those testing times. FT xoxo

  • Geez I love how you write Fatima…I relate to everything about this post, particularly when it comes to Mother Earth.
    And that bag! I’m going to get one for each of my bffs this Chrissy x

    • Aw thanks Chelle. Yeah, she need our help, BIG TIME. I keep telling Yvonne to make more of those bags as so many people want them, they keep selling out. Keep checking out the site. It’s a great one for Xmas, I agree FT xoxo

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