H&M Chunky Balloon Sleeve Jumper


As much as I love the MumsHandMade cardigan that’s ALL OVER Instagram right now, I really can’t part with £200 (thereabouts) for a cardi’ that I KNOW my cat will ANNIHILATE.

Additionally, whilst I LOVE the fact that they’re all hand-knitted by kick ass Greek Mamas, I’m not so sure wearing it draped over my elbows would look as stylish, as seen here, when I’m mid-sweat, running late and doing the daily juggle of micro scooter/school bags/shopping.

Mumshandmade cardigan as worn by Mowoblog.com

So, when I spotted this chunky knit in H&M – and for only £17.99! – I thought, YASSS! Look who’s got the cream now, cat!

I’ve photographed it here in the blue but I’ve also got it in the black. It also comes in a beige/stone colourway and although it’s not available to buy online, I’ve spotted a few in store, so be quick!

I’ve styled it here with my new Chanel bag (the big 4.0. present) and a pair of THE gold H&M tassle earrings. Once teamed with either jeans or  a pair of cropped trousers, you can’t tell it’s a buy short of twenty quid, right?

I LOVE a bargain. Nothing beats that feel good factor of buying something for a silly price especially when it also has this seasons must-have style updates too.

I’m talking BIG, BALLOON sleeves which are errmm… big this season.

Hibernation chic is so, so haute this season and I totally blame Balenciaga and their bear-fit, super-sized knits.

Balenciaga /Shutterstock, Rex

Looking great doesn’t always have to mean spending a small fortune.

That doesn’t mean a splurge is off limits though. Of course some things, like a Chanel bag, are a mega ton of money but on a daily basis, for me,  it’s all about the affordable.

I can’t talk anymore about this jumper – ’cause it is just a jumper after all haha, so let’s look at some pretty pictures instead, yeah? Ooh and I’ve included some more balloon sleeve knits to suit all budgets further down.

As always, thank you for reading


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H&M Glitter Jumper £19.99
M&S Per Una Jumper £35
Topshop Balloon sleeve £46


  • Ugh I couldn’t agree more about the impracticalities of those ginormous sleeves hanging off my arms! How annoying?
    I do love a chunky knit though & agree Balenciaga have got it spot on – as usual.
    What I do is buy from menswear 😉

  • WANT this knit now! Looks gorgeous – lovely pics! BTW I can see you’ve got the BlogLovin’ thing working – I’ll need a mini tutorial – can’t get it set up on my blog!

    • There’s loads still in our local branch Angelina. GO! And yes, let’s do coffee and I’ll tell you everything I know (it’s very little haha!) And, I also need to pick your brains on a travel pitch. Text me dates. FT xoxo

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