New Look Black Linen Blazer

Back to business blazers

New Look Black Linen Blazer

There are a select few wardrobe items that will always fall into my ‘Classics Category’ and for today’s style post, it’s all about the black blazer.

As cover-ups go, a  blazer is more formal than a denim jacket but at the same time, if you shop for the right fit and fabric, you’ll actually find yourself the perfect all-year-round wardrobe solution.

New Look Black Linen Blazer

I’ve had mine, pictured here for YONKS! It’s from New Look and I think it may have even come from the fashion cupboard from when I was Fashion Editor on Bliss magazine. Circa 2009-10 perhaps? Not sure, but it’s lasted and I still wear it loads.

For me, the perfect blazer can’t look too stiff. Otherwise, you’re heading into Working Girl or back-to-school territory. Now, I don’t work in an office or in the City and school is a long, long distant memory, so an everyday blazer for me needs to tick that dressed-down box. I wear mine with ripped jeans or denim dungarees the most, so a super smart suit blazer just wouldn’t quite work.

New Look Black Linen Blazer

Which is why the most important things for me are the FIT, FABRIC and FINISH. I’ve compiled a little check list of things to look out for before you buy and remember that you’re looking for a piece that will seamlessly work into your wardrobe for years and years to come.


Going for a linen mix will give your blazer that lived-in, more casual feel. It makes it look way less formal and is perfection with a pair of vintage wash jeans. I used to play blazer-tag-team with one that a friend gave me from Zara. It was in a much thicker, stretch poly mix with leather-look lapels. Immediately, this would feel more structured and heavy, which is great if you want to look pretty sharp, but if you’re looking for that more laid-back effect, I’d suggest opting for a much softer and light weight texture.

2: FIT

For that boyfriend fitted, slouch effect, go for a straight cut blazer. Similar to a menswear suit jacket, it will have less darts around the bust and waist. While a nipped in waist will give your look a more tailored and feminine finish, plus they’re usually shorter in length (great for petite frames) a longer length, straight cut blazer should skim the middle of your butt for that more 80s, effortless charm.


It’s all in the detail, so while this particular blazer is actually ¾ sleeve, simply rolling up a full length sleeve will serve the same effect. Never over think a roll – whether it’s a tuck or a fold – they don’t need to be perfect or you’ll end up looking too polished. Remember the overall effect is effortless so just erm… roll with it (Sorry!)

New Look Black Linen Blazer

One final tip – try second hand (look out for old M&S St Micheal’s 80s styles which were more boxy in fit back then. You might need to pull the shoulder pads out, but that’s pretty easy to do yourself) and don’t be afraid to buy from mens departments too.

Happy shopping and thank you for reading


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