H&M Black Almond Toe Shoes


Yellow H&M Almond shape shoe

Aahh! My favourite jezebel accessory – the anklet. As a little girl, I would watch subtitled Hindi films with my Dad, gazing in awe at the jingling-jangling Bollywood dancers. As they twirled around in a sea of bright colours, covered in glistening jewels, it was their anklets that I would covet the most. Days after, you’d probably find me desperately try to mimic their hypnotic vibes (Blue Peter style) by wrapping milk bottle tops around bits of thread, then tying them around my ankles to dance to Nick Kamen or T’Pau.

Any excuse to wear an anklet

Then in my mid-teens, anklets became THE ultimate Catholic girl rebellion after one of my Filipina aunts told me that only prostitutes wore them in the Philippines!  This is obviously not true, but the point back then was that ANY excuse or opportunity to flash a bit of fine chain over the ankle, I WAS THERE, PEOPLE!

So, with the 80s vibe making a comeback for AW17 (what, again?!) anklets are back on the high street.  This one pictured here is now sold out from H&M but there’s bargain finds to be had everywhere, try asos. On trend/off trend, makes no difference to me, anklets will always have a special place in my fashion heart, however, what is currently weirding me out, is this almond-shape shoe that I am having an obsessive moment with…

The almond-toe obsession

You see, I’m definitely a toe-cleavage kinda girl. Whether it’s a pair of midi-courts or a French Sole pump (famed for some of THE best ballerina flats with awesome toe-cleavage)  I am firmly in the flirty feet camp. So when I started to see lots of these almond shaped shoes popping up, I politely declined, knowing that they were not something I’d wear, like furry sliders, you just get to a point in life where you know what you’re comfy in, right? WRONG! Whilst scrolling through my IG feed, I spotted a seriously fabulous pair on Style-Mum and I was intrigued – as they looked really, really good!  So that evening, the inevitable happened – a couple were added into my ASOS basket! When they sold out over night, it further intensified my need to HAVE THEM. Then, one afternoon, whilst window-shopping in H&M before school pick-up, I spotted these yellow, almond-toe sling backs.

Needless to say, I went nuts! (SORRY!) What I love about them is that they are flat (hurrah!) and the colour-popping yellow means that they look amazing with a vintage blue denim (which I wear ALL THE TIME!) A bright yellow shoe for me, does a similar thing that a red shoe can do – it just makes you want to smile! That kind of reaction to fashion is in my opinion, the best!

H&M Black Almond Toe Shoes

H&M Black Almond Toe Shoes (sold out)

I’ve since bought the black pair which goes with anything and everything – but they do lack the WOW factor of the yellow.  I was going to buy the mushroom coloured pair too but they actually made my skin look a bit sallow and ashy. It was tempting mind, as they are a steal at under £15. So there you have it. It just goes to show that unless you try it, do not knock it!  Which is actually our mantra when it comes to eating and introducing new foods with the kids – which come to think of it, it’s nearly feeding time and the usual “But I REALLY don’t like courgettes, Mummy” …

Have a lovely one and here’s a few more styles that I’ve currently got my eye on…

Raid Amber Leopard Kitten Heeled shoe

Asos £29.99

H&M Slingbacks in Black £39.99

H&M £39.99

H&M Slingbacks in Rust £39.99

H&M £39.99

Jukebox Silver Kitten Heels from Topshop £42

Topshop £42

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